Bike Rodeo

HURRAY.....It's back to school time which means LET'S GET READY TO BIKE RODEO! (read more...)This year our "AUE-We Are Hero's Bike Rodeo" will be held on Friday, October 4th. if this is your first year to join the "Bike Rodeo", let me officially welcome you. The "Bike Rodeo" is an event designed to allow Kinder through 5th Gr. to show their bicycle skills on our course and also to get an official bicycle inspection courtesy of the San Antonio Police Department. Each grade will have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place girl and boy that receive trophies based on points earned on the course, but everyone who participates will receive a ribbon for their effort. This is great fun for those involved and the whole family is also invited to cheer their kids on. This is our 4th year that the D.A.G.4.G (Dads Achieving Greatness for Gators) group has run this event. We look forward to our DADS volunteering again and remember to get practicing with your kids. Zach Godfrey, Committee Chair