Maricia Gregory, PrincipalI would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the Principal of Julie Newton Aue Elementary School. I am proud to say that I have spent my entire teaching career here in Northside beginning in 1983. I have worked as a classroom teacher, a teacher of gifted and talented students, and as a vice principal. In April of 1997, I was appointed Principal of Colonies North Elementary School.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree from (Southwest) Texas State University in San Marcos, and a Master of Education degree from Trinity University in San Antonio.

As a Principal, I have a passion for providing quality instruction for students, and for creating a school environment that students, teachers, staff, and parents, find stimulating, caring, and intellectually challenging. Aue is a place where students come first, parents are valued, and where the staff members work together as a professional learning community.

I feel very honored to be principal of such an outstanding school. 

Maricia Gregory