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Communications Arts High School
11600 FM 471W
San Antonio, Texas 78253
PHONE: (210) 397-6043
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Communications Arts High School
11600 FM 471W
San Antonio, Texas 78253
PHONE: (210) 3976043
FAX: (210) 6886092
office email: cahs@nisd.net

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VOICES: what our students think
about our school

I actually miss school sometimes during the weekend! I found that weird because I didn’t feel that in middle school. I’m very glad I picked Comm. Arts. Victoria Terrazas, class of 2015 (Sul Ross)

I had always been bored in class, but I now find a thirst for learning at Communications Arts. Mason Miller, class of 2015 (Garcia)

Everyone at Comm. Arts is original and awesome in their own way. Here it is okay to be yourself, and instead of being ridiculed about it, you will be complimented. Stephanie Stringer, class of 2015 (Luna)

High school in general scared me. My last minute decision to choose Comm. Arts proved to be the right choice. The teachers and staff are always willing to help you be the best you can be. Jacqueline Weiss, class of 2015 (Garcia)

I told my friends that eventually everyone goes their own way. I’m just taking a shortcut and leaving sooner. I know you are leaving friends, but you will make new ones, and you can still hang out with the old ones. Raven Correa, class of 2015 (Stinson)

At Comm. Arts I walk in the front doors every morning and I see the “Welcome Home” banner. It’s the truth: I am home. Rachael Lindberg, class of 2015 (Connally)

I came here because all career fields require great communications skills. Anthony Ruiz, class of 2015 (Hobby)

Students can voice opinions and actually be heard. Being a “Commie” has never been so fun. Zander Caruso, class of 2015 (Stevenson)

If I could give anyone advice, I’d say if don’t get in first round of acceptances, don’t give up. I know I did, and it really didn’t do me any good. I’d also say that if you get accepted, take the opportunity. Opportunity has a shelflife, and there are definitely other who will take this chance if you don’t. Makenna Timoteo, class of 2015 (Garcia)

I like challenges and in going to Comm. Arts I am going to be challenged more. Reid Goins, class of 2015 (Connally)

It was very hard making a decision because I wanted to stay with my friends, and I didn’t want to start all over again. Then I realized how many opportunities I could get if went to this school which is very important for the future. Alex Alicea, class of 2015 (Zachry)

I finally have a brighter life helped by new friends and kind teachers; no more bullies or kids that always pick on you. Elianet Mata, class of 2015 (Anson Jones)

Communications Arts teaches you things that are on a higher level of thinking. All of the freshman core classes are preap, so they are great collegeprep. Also we have special classes like speech, media criticism and video tech. Dean Ross, class of 2015 (Jefferson)

I didn’t come to Communications Arts for friends. I didn’t even know anyone who was currently going here. I came because I needed a new start: new school, new friends, new social and academic life. Megan Ortiguerra, class of 2015 (Jefferson)

It is the best place to transform strangers into a family. Amanda Alva, class of 2015 (Rawlinson)

I felt that Communications Arts would give me the tools to go anywhere compared to only focusing on certain areas that you may not end up doing. Juan Castano, class of 2015 (Rudder)

I always told myself that I would go to my assigned high school and that nothing would change my mind. That all changed when I heard about Comm. Arts. This school gives me challenges, but the work isn’t impossible. Alison Simoneaux, class of 2015 (Stinson)

My mom told one of the upperclassmen that I was a nerd, and I was embarrassed. What made me feel better was when the student said, “Don’t worry, we’re all nerds here.” Jason Grant, class of 2015 (Pease)

Coming to this school I’ve become more confident than in middle school. Danielle Trevino, class of 2015 (Vale)

At Comm. Arts you are valued for you. Ella Garcia, class of 2015 (Stevenson)

I wanted to be pushed and challenged but at the same time become successful. Kennedy Harrison, class of 2015 (Rudder)

Classes like speech help me to come out of my shell and socialize. The work may sometimes be hard, but it helps you get prepared for the real world. Sara Day, class of 2015 (Zachry)

If I had to do things over again, I would do them the exact same way and apply to Comm. Arts all over again. Ana Esparza, class of 2015 (Zachry)

One of the hardest, yet best, decisions that I’ve made is to come to Comm. Arts. It’s such a comfortable environment. Mariah Saloman, class of 2015 (Briscoe)

Why I came to Comm. Arts? Pfffff, more like why are you not at Comm. Arts? Jonah Hill, class of 2015 (Jefferson)

I didn’t want to go to a school that just focused on one thing. Mark Moreno, class of 2015 (Anson Jones)

I didn’t enjoy middle school at all; in fact, it was the worst time in my life. Now that I go to Comm. Arts I’m excited for Monday mornings. Abby Moermond, class of 2015 (Briscoe)

I came to Communications Arts because I wanted to become exceptional at video presentation and speaking in public. I also came because my brother went here. I also came here because a lot of my friends were coming to this school. Noah Coll, class of 2015 (Connally)

I am here because I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. I know that Comm. Arts will help me make a decision for my future. They won’t make the decision for me, but they will help me get the point where I need to be. Breandra Bowman, class of 2015 (Pat Neff)

The hardest thing about Comm. Arts is the school work. If you procrastinate, you won’t get anywhere, and it’s hard. I learned to not do that, so I get good grades. Brandon Gonzales, class of 2015 (Jefferson)

What really grabbed me were the film/media classes because when I grow up I want to be a director. Armand Gonzalez, class of 2015 (Jefferson)