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Program: In coordination with the Bexar County area Title 1 Directors and Non-Public personnel, tutoring is provided at all non-public campuses where students from Title 1 public schools attend and is overseen by the Region 20-ESC Non-Public Schools Liaison.  Tutorials will be available to any student meeting criteria for remediation in Reading and/or Math.  For those students who meet criteria and are not attending a campus with tutorials in place, tutorials will be provided on an individual campus by campus basis.  Services from the public to the non-public schools will also include staff development in the area served and parental involvement activities.

Services are provided to non-public school students in accordance with Title 1 law.  Educational services and arrangements for eligible students in non-public schools shall be equal to expenditures for children enrolled in the public schools of the local education agency.

Accountability: Student growth by non-public school will be measured using the Spring NRT test scores used by the non-public schools. Growth will be measured annually using prior Spring and present Spring test scores. In coordination with the non-public administrators, other desired outcomes have been designated as indicators of educational achievement.


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