Credits Page


Writing Team for Digital Citzenship

    • Delia Guerrero
    • Francisco Alderete
    • Sandra Vasquez
    • Alicia Paredes
    • John Petersen
    • Ethan Calk
    • Anna Sexton

ECT, Burke Elementary School
CIT, Hatchett Elementary School
CIT, McDermott Elementary School
CIT, Stinson Middle School
CIT, Zachry Middle School
CIT, Holmes High School
CIT, Stevens High School


Design Layout

    • Helen Baca
Instructional Support Technologist

Video Production

    • Ethan Calk
CIT, Holmes High School

Project Managers

    • Dana Bickley
    • Lorraine Trawick
Coodinator, Academic Technology Services
Coodinator, Academic Technology Services


The Project Managers and Writing Team express their thanks to the following District and Campus Administrators for their support and guidance in this project

    • Kelly Smith
    • Joyce Stevens
    • Elizabeth Langer
    • Cynthia Evans
Assistant Superintendent for Technology Services
Director of Academic Technology Services
Director of Technology Training and Development
Principal, Summer School, Brandies High School