Student Life Outside of School Environment
Digital Security
Internet Scams
Grade Level: 6 -12


Part I - Introduction

It's easy to be fooled by strangers into "get rich quick" schemes. In 2008, there were more than 275,000 complaints filed with the Internet Crime Complaint Center , a government agency. Learn how to spot an Internet scammer and how to protect yourself from them.

Part II - Class/Advisory Activities

•  Videos - Internet Scams

•  Discussion Questions



How does an Internet scam work? Why do you think it is difficult to recover your money from a scammer?

•  Activities



  1. Go through lesson plan at this Virginia site
  2. Play Spam, Scam, Slam from On Guard Online

Part III - Reflection

•  Writing Prompt(s)



Name some ways that Internet scammers try to steal from you. Discuss ways that you can avoid Internet scams.

•  Journal Writing   Why is it important to avoid scammers? Why do you think older people are more likely to fall for a scam?

Part IV - Resources

On Guard Online
Business Software Alliance