School Environment and Student Behavior
Digital Etiquette :
Grade Level: 6 -12


Part I - Introduction

Digital etiquette or netiquette as it is sometimes called, is a basic set of rules you should follow in order to make the internet better for others, and better for you. It's just as important to treat people with courtesy and respect online as it is in real life. When you instant message, chat, or email someone over the Internet, they can't see your face to tell if you're teasing them or saying something in jest. How do you practice good Netiquette? It's simple – just treat others as you want to be treated – with courtesy and respect. People know these rules but usually do not follow them when using the Internet. This includes hacking others computer, downloading illegally, plagiarism, and using bad language on the Internet.


Part II - Class/Advisory Activities

•  Videos



Interactive on Digital Etiquette - (self-paced)

•  Discussion Questions



  1. How should people act online? Why is it different from their offline behaviors?
  2. Define “Digital Etiquette” in your own words. Use several of the key terms from the Key Terms worksheet in your definition.

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Digital Etiquette

Watch : Interactive on Digital Etiquette
Class Discussion : How should people act online? Why is it different from their offline behaviors? Define “Digital Etiquette” in your own words. Use several of the following key terms in your definition.
Teacher Tips : Read the "Etiquette Rules" Handout.
Activity Suggestion : Design a poster using some of these rules and create a few additional rules to follow. Display in the classroom or post on campus for all to view. Complete Digital Etiquette Key Terms crossword puzzle.

Part III - Reflection

•  Writing Prompt(s)  

Some problems that have emerged from lack of digital etiquette are cyberbullying, identity theft, hacking or corrupting other people's computers, and invading people's privacy. There are people in the world who do not know how to act using technology, especially the internet, in a way that is polite and safe towards others. Develop a code of conduct for all to use.

•  Journal Writing


Add a journal entry listing one netiquette rule you think it is important to follow and explain why.

•  Other   Complete the Cybersense Nonsense Lesson.

Part IV - Extension Activities

•  Class/Advisory – School Activities



Visit digital_nation Life on the Virtual Frontier website. View stories from the most wired place on earth. Write a one-paragraph report on how Korea is dealing with digital etiquette

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One of the main questions the Digital Nation program is asking is, “as a member of the last generation of adults in the U.S. who were raised without the omnipresence of the computer, are we failing our kids by not teaching them how to behave online?  What do YOU think? Have a family discussion on this topic.

Part V - Resources

Digital Etiquette

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Frontline Digital Nation