Open House

About 20 years ago, the Esparza staff began an intensive study to answer the frequently asked question, “Who was Gregorio Esparza?”  The school was named for this individual, but no one was quite sure who he was or what he did.  That research project led us to discover a special man, Ray Esparza, a great-great grandson of Gregorio, who had spent years researching details about his ancestor’s life.

Ray Esparza came to our school and talked with our students, we visited the Alamo, experts from the Institute of Texas Culture came to speak to our students, and we read numerous articles and books.  Each grade level developed special units, and the staff wrote a pageant depicting the life and times of Gregorio Esparza.  Now every year, we study these materials as we pass our rich heritage on to our students.  Through the years those original instructional units have been updated and revised to include more technology and parental involvement: 

 We will celebrate Gregorio Esparza’s birthday during Texas Public School’s Week March 4-8.  Look for more detailed information soon.