Northside I.S.D.

Mission Statement
The Northside Independent School District Advisory Program, an integral component of the Pre K-12 educational program, enables students to belong and contribute to a community, apply the goal-setting process, and develop academic, personal, social, and career competence. Students meet in small groups on a weekly basis with trained, caring advisors who are in partnership with parents to personally assist students.




To contact us:

Program Coordinator Veronica Ball 210-397-1264


Program Secretary Lisa Mann 210-397-1265

Program Definition

The NISD Goal-Setting Program is designed for students to set, implement, and evaluate personal goals related to learning, service, and/or responsibility.  It is organized around the ten-step goal setting process and is implemented through instructional and advisory programs by trained educators with the support of parents, community members, trained staff, and peers.

Goal Setting Program

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Goal Setting Steps


Class Meetings

Student-led Conference