1. Define success. (i.e., what is of value, important, satisfying, fits one's image of achievement)
2. Define the goal. (Achievable, Believable, Conceivable)
3. Identify the support system for accomplishing the goal.
4. Develop an action plan for achieving the goal:

•  Outline steps to goal achievement.
•  Consider possible obstacles and ways of dealing with them (contingency      planning).
•  Consider resources for helping one accomplish the goal (resources may        be human, material, financial, time).
•  Establish the time line for accomplishing the steps.

5. Implement the plan.
6. Monitor, pause, reflect and continue.
7. Re-enter the process at any step if adjustment is necessary. (i.e. when any of the following occur: new learning, changed definition of success, obstacles, changes in circumstances, new support system needed)
8. Evaluate, assess, and affirm the level of accomplishment.
9. CELEBRATE success.
10. Decide what to take forward to the next goal.


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