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Thursday, April 16, 2009
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Rita Kay Driggers
Elementary School
6901 Shadow Mist

The campus is located near the intersection of Grissom Road & Shadow Mist, between Bandera Road and Timber Hill.




The High School GT program is one part of NISD’s ALPHA program. ALPHA, Advanced Learning Programs for High Achievers, is an acronym that labels the NISD program across all grade levels. The program to service gifted students aims to provide enrichment that stimulates talents and to provide an atmosphere where students interact with their intellectual peers. The Enrichment Center is one location on campus to give GT students a sense of community. At John Jay and Science and Engineering Academy, we service GT students in the following ways:

Middle School to High School Transition

Unlike the TIPS program in middle school, students are not placed in gifted classes. There are no GT pull-out classes at the high school level. Instead, GT students take honors classes during their 9th and 10th grade years and Advanced Placement and/or Dual Credit classes during their 11th & 12th grade years. These rigorous classes stimulate higher level thinking skills and provide gifted students opportunities for academic advancement. These rigorous courses are also favored by college admissions committees.

In the 2006-07 school year, John Jay is one of four NISD high school campuses to offer a course specifically for GT Freshmen. This course assists GT Freshmen with the transition to high school. With the theme of Leadership, this course provides:

• Academic test and college preparation (SAT, ACT, PSAT preparation).
• Information for students and parents about beneficial high school services to assist with college preparation.
• Required speech class credit in the spring semester of the year-long course.
• Opportunities to attend off-campus college tours and educational field-trips.
• Guest speakers.
• Opportunities to complete community service projects as tools for enriched, experiential learning.

Credit By Examination

Students who excel in a particular subject area may opt to take Credit by Examination instead of the course itself. See your child’s counselor for details.

ISM: Independent Study Mentorship

The gifted program offers Independent Study Mentorship Honors for Juniors & Seniors. This class counts as an advanced measure for the advanced diploma, and it can count for the required speech credit if the student opts for this choice. Applications for ISM are accepted beginning in January for the following school year.

Through this unique course, ISM students conduct a year-long, in-depth study of an area of special interest under the guidance of an expert in that field. The expert is usually a community professional who not only guides the ISM student with content information but is also willing to advise the student on college and career goals. The student narrows his or her focus to an appropriate area of study, does in depth research, and produces a real-world product, and presents the product and his or her ISM learning process to an audience at the end of the year. The student can receive a speech credit for the second semester of this course.

GT Seminars

Each GT student is encouraged to attend at least one or two seminars during his or her high school career. Seminars are located off-campus and are held about four times a year, usually every nine weeks. These seminars cover a myriad of topics such as leadership, the arts, law, medicine, environmental issues, and cultural / diversity issues. Attending students get involved in hands-on, experiential learning and listen to presenters who deal with contemporary issues provoking a student’s curiosity and inquiry. Students may see Ms. Asbell in A208 to sign-up to attend one or more of the seminars offered during the year. Attendance is voluntary and the number of students who can attend each seminar is restricted. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. You will receive information about upcoming seminars in the Fall and Spring newsletters as well as from reminder post-cards prior to registration dates.

How to Register for Seminars:

1. Listen and Watch for the seminar registration announcement.
2. Go by The Enrichment Center, A-208, and pick up a registration form.
3. Get the proper signatures.
4. Turn the form in to Ms. Asbell in A208 by the deadline.
5. Check the door at A-208 or the GT display case in the hall between rooms A-208 and A-210 to see if you are on the list to attend.

The John Jay GT Enrichment program, the high school ALPHA component, is over 310 students strong. We have a number of exciting activities planned for the year, so get out your calendar and mark these dates!

February 15, 2008
“ Art Around the World”
At the San Antonio Museum of Art, GT students will interact with presenters to participate in hands-on creative activities that delve into artistic topics from around the globe. For more information on seminar details, contact Elaine Asbell at 397-2832.

GT Screening Information

Screening dates for the GT high school program are as follows:
Nominations for GT testing (screening) are due to Ms. Asbell by October 29, 2007, and the testing window is November 27-30, 2007. Results will be available in January. Any parent, teacher, friend or student may nominate other students for screening. Students may nominate themselves, also.

Parents or guardians must sign giving permission to test, and if qualified, parent permission for admission into the GT program is required.

GT News and Updates

Be sure to check the bulletin board in A208 for information on summer programs and scholarship opportunities for summer enrichment programs and study. Also, you can pick up the ALPHA News, the NISD GT newsletter, while you are perusing the bulletin board. There is a GT display case between A208 and A210.

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