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"Books are the windows through which the soul looks out."  ~ Henry Ward Beecher

English Language Arts
Department Courses

Course Name Description
American Folklore Read and learn the background of each folklore type: legends, beliefs and superstitions, ethnic folklore, names, street cries, and children's folklore. Write an original example of each type.
Creative Writing Read, study and analyze various literary forms, learn literary convention and criteria for literary criticism, and write poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama. Student writing will be submitted for publication.

Teaches argumentation skills, debate formats, research skills, and effective presentation. Students will learn to analyze a topic and support a point a view. Competition required.

English I Integrates the study of composition, language usage, literature, and reading. Students will read and respond to a variety of literary genres and write for a variety of purposes.
English I P-AP A study of all forms of literature from many periods is accompanied by a variety of writing opportunities, vocabulary study, and higher level thinking skills and strategies. The related theme for literature is "Discovery of Self."
English I & II SOL Limited English proficient students only. This course integrates English language arts knowledge and skills and second language acquisition knowledge and skills.
English II Reinforces study skills, library skills, language usage, composition methods, reading competence, literature appreciation, vocabulary enrichment, and test-taking techniques.
English II P-AP The study of classic, Anglo/Saxon, Medieval, and Renaissance literature. Discover how literature enriches life and explore a variety of writing opportunities. The theme for the year is "Concepts of Heroism."
English ESL Students at the beginning level of English proficiency will focus on strengthening oral and written language skills in English and orienting to American culture.
English III Focus on advanced language usage, written compositions, preparation for college entrance exams through vocabulary development and test-taking techniques, a survey of American literature from 1607 to present, and advanced research skills applicable to a documented paper.
English III AP American culture and literature are studied through a survey of American literature from 1607 to today, participation in research, reading and writing for stylistic purposes, and utilizing higher critical thinking skills for all materials. The theme for the year is "Growth and Identity."
English IV An extensive composition and language practice, a study of the origins and growth of the English language through a survey of British literature, and reading of other works by world masters from all periods.
English IV AP To enrich and complement the various surveys from preceding years by putting into practice all the skills in reading, listening, thinking, speaking, and writing. To provide a foundation for higher education. The theme will be "Certainties and Ambiguities."
Film Criticism To analyze and study classic and modern films.
Journalism Introduction to the history of mass media and its role in society. Includes the study of basic features of journalism and newspaper production, freedom and responsibility of the press, career opportunities in mass communications, and writing to fulfill a variety of assignments.
Advanced Journalism/Newspaper Advanced study of journalism, editorial management and publication analysis, focusing on a newspaper.
Advanced Journalism/Photojournalism The study of photographic composition, use of the camera, caption writing, and photographic techniques such as framing, silhouette, depth-of-field and use of specialty lenses. The emphasis is on digital imagery and the use of computer applications and techniques.
Advanced Journalism/Yearbook Advanced study of journalism, editorial management and publication analysis, focusing on the yearbook. Students concentrate on layout and design concepts, the use of digital imagery, feature articles and caption writing as well as advertisement and sales.
Literary Magazine
Students will develop a product, work within time constraints, develop financial responsibility in producing and publishing materials, plan and implement and advertising campaign, cut and crop photographs, write and edit copy, produce effective graphic art, select and prepare the literary magazine and offer it for sale.
Mythology Learn the studies and legends that helped shape our world. Learn the age old stories that shaped the way we think and govern.
Practical Writing Improve reading, writing, thinking and testing skills.
SAT Practice Improve SAT scores through test-taking knowledge and realistic practice. Learn practical writing skills including college essays, business letters, application letters, scholarship applications and more.
Science Fiction The study and analysis of the genre of Science Fiction writing.
Sports in Literature Participate in interviewing sports personnel, producing a sports program, broadcasting a game, Olympic games competition, creating a Hall of Fame for your favorite sport, or creating a sports magazine.


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