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  "Properly, we should read for power. ... The book should be a ball of light
  in one's hand."  ~ Ezra Pound, American Poet

  Language Arts Department Policies
  for English Students

Homework Policy
Homework is used as an extension of reinforcement of the classroom. Homework assignments are designed by the individual teacher as needed, may be graded as either an overnight, daily grade, or may be used for a longer period and counted as a major grade.

Homework is given as needed in order
a. to complete assignments started in class;
b. to write or polish a writing assignment;
c. to read assignments for class discussions; and
d. to review skills and information for tests.

Whenever possible, class time is given to begin the assignment. Depending on the length of the assignment, one or more days may be given for completion.

Homework is also used for long term assignments
a. to enrich the learning experience;
b. to teach organization and planning skills; and
c. to accomplish special projects either individually or in groups.

Daily grades consist of homework, class work, class participation, daily quizzes, and any other assignments so designated by the teacher.

Major grades consist of major tests, folders, projects, major writing assignments each weighted in proportion to the length of time spent on each assignment.

At the time an assignment is made, the teacher will indicate how the assignment is to be graded.

Make-up Work for Excused Absences

Students who have been absent will be allowed to make up work with no penalty so long as the work is completed in a timely manner. As a general rule, students will be allowed one day of each day absent to complete make-up work unless other arrangements are made with the teacher. It is the student's responsibility to check with the teacher when he/she returns to school. Make-up tests will be given at the convenience of the teacher.

If a student does not complete make-up work in a timely manner, a zero will be given for each assignment not completed.

Late Work Policy

If a student is present when the homework assignment is given but does not complete the work on time, the following guidelines will be followed:
It is expected that routine, overnight homework assignments will be turned in at the beginning of the class period. A student who was present when the assignment was given but absent the day it was due should bring the assignment when he/she returns to school. Other assignments, projects, and major grades assigned as homework will be accepted up to three days late with a ten-point penalty per day. After three days, the teacher may assess half credit.


English tutoring is in the library every Tuesday and Thursday after school.

Tutoring is also available with individual teachers during set times; see that
teacher for details.

Literary Magazine

Here it is! The cream of the crop at John Jay has put together this year's literary magazine, Parnassus, comprised of the best poetry, stories and writings from John Jay students.

If you would like a copy, they will become available from Ms. Brandy Rodriguez in the Spring.

Please help support John Jay authors and poets by purchasing a copy as soon as it goes on sale.

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