NAHS Teacher Recognized for Going Above and Beyond

NAHS Teacher Recognized

Mr. Samuel Garcia, a veteran teacher at NAHS was recognized Thursday evening by NISD Community Partnerships for his tireless efforts facilitating the Violence Prevention Program. Mr. Garcia began the Violence Prevention Program over 15 years ago when he noticed a dangerous trend of a high number of students getting into serious trouble and going to jail. The program is designed to serve as an intervention for students who are at risk by having those students attend sessions dealing with Conflict Resolution, Dealing with Stress, Operation Outreach from Dominguez State Jail - The Realities of Prison Life, the Me to You Program from Randolph Air Force Base, Substance Abuse Awareness and Making Responsible Choices. Over the years, Mr. Garcia has had over 2000 students participate in the program.

Prior to teaching at NAHS, Mr. Garcia worked at the Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center. He received training in mediation and later helped to coordinate the Mediation Training with NISD, NEISD, SAISD, as well as other school districts. He worked to help districts develop and implement a Student Peer Mediation Program. During these training events with students and teachers inspired Mr. Garcia to become a teacher to further help in the lives of at-risk students.

When asked why he continues to run the Violence Prevention Program at NAHS, Mr. Garcia says, “I believe the program continues to help students with important information for making better choices and guiding them in the direction to be successful.”