It's PSAT Time

This Wednesday, October 15th, all sophomores and juniors will the PSAT , which is a four-hour timed test. The PSAT assesses reading, math, and writing skills; provides excellent practice for the SAT; and connects students to scholarships and personalized online tools. The PSAT/NMSQT and the SAT have the same format and evaluate the same skills. PSAT/NMSQT students also get a custom SAT study plan based on their results.After the test, students receive feedback on how ready they are for college and access to tools that help them improve.

It IS Personal at NAHS!

NAHS is pleased to recognize Deborah Sanders for all of her hard work and dedication in helping our students exceed in Reading. Ms. Sanders works with students enrolled in Acheive3000, a program focusing on 100% nonfiction texts differentiated to 12 lexile levels with an emphasis on academics, vocabulary, critical thinking, and STEM. With Ms. Sanders commitment to her students and her diligence with implementing the program with fidelity, her students logged more than 97 program hours and completed more than 120 writing assignments. Students working with Ms. Sanders gained 67 points from their initial assessment to their final assessment. This exceeded the average gain seen across the district. Way to go Ms. Sanders!


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