Partnership : Guidelines

We all need guidance at some time in our lives. NISD Partnership Guidelines are an ever evolving process providing structure to the relationships between NISD and our business and community partners.

Northside ISD Partnerships are long-term, reciprocal relationships between a business, the school district or individual campuses. Here are a few guidelines for our partners.

All partners, be it a business or community member, must complete a Criminal History Authorization Form. For a business partner, the business owner or individual most likely to interact with a campus or department must fill out a form.

All partners must complete a Partnerships Application Form.

NISD will not distribute flyers to students or teachers. Instead each campus will determine if it will accept a countertop supply of flyers for their front office.

All incentives offered to students must be no-strings attached. We cannot accept offers with restrictions such as:

  • Buy One, Get One Free
  • Percent Discounts
  • Dine-In Only
  • Purchase Required