What is Flex?

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
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Teachers and staff at Rawlinson believe that all students can learn. When students are not reaching their potential, two things prohibit their learning: (1) students do not understand what is being taught or (2) they lack motivation to learn. In order to address each of these concerns, Rawlinson Middle School created FLEX. FLEX time is a 30 minute block of time used to help address both causes of not learning, as well as provide enrichment activities for those students who are learning.Patriot Pride

Everyone has had the experience of trying to learn something, but not being able to grasp the concept. In most cases, the remedy for this is providing more time to learn or individualizing instruction. It is not necessarily an inability to learn. Our goal with FLEX is to give students who need additional time the opportunity to work with their teachers during the school day. We believe that offering students this extra time to learn will be of great benefit.

Motivation is a completely different issue. Every student has differing levels of motivation for school. Some students struggle to participate in class, do homework, or reach out for help. One cure for lack of motivation for schooling is to provide opportunities for students to participate in things they enjoy if they have taken care of their educational responsibilities. Enrichment activities allow students to explore areas of interest and engage in education in a way that is not necessarily traditional, but may be more conducive to the learning style of many middle school students.

Ultimately, we are trying to find the correct motivation for those students who are not motivated, give more time to students who are struggling, and enrich the education of students who are successful in their studies. Parents can get involved by encouraging their student to get involved in a variety of activities during this time. They can also encourage them to use this time to meet with their teachers for additional help.
Rawlinson Middle School is an Exemplary campus. FLEX will help our teachers and students reach the Exemplary level. We are very excited about all the possibilities FLEX offers our students and teachers. Parents can also help by knowing what your student will attend each day for FLEX. If you plan to check your student out during FLEX time (11:05 11:35; Monday through Friday), please know what activity your child will be attending or the teacher who supervises that activity, or call for them to be dismissed either before or after FLEX. I appreciate your cooperation with this.
Please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support and positive encouragement. Rawlinson is a great school because of the community we serve.

Nancy Pena
Rawlinson Middle School Principal