Northside Independent School District - San Antonio, TX

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Conflict of Interest Disclosure

On May 23, 2005, the Texas Senate passed House Bill No. 914, adding Chapter 176 to the Local Government Code, and imposing new disclosure and reporting obligations on vendors and potential vendors to local government entities beginning on January 1, 2006. This includes School Districts.

Failure to abide by these new statutory requirements can result in possible criminal penalties.

Northside Independent School District requires vendors to complete FORM CIQ, prepared by the Texas Ethics Commission at the direction of the legislature, and strongly recommends you become familiar with House Bill 914.

Northside Independent School District cannot provide any further interpretation or information regarding these new requirements.

Please completed forms should be returned to:

Northside Independent School District
Mr. Eric Walls
Director of Purchasing
607 Richland Hills Dr.
Suite 700
San Antonio, Texas 78245

Vendors' Conflict of Interest Questionnaires

Vendor Date submitted
10-S Tennis Supply 12/4/13
3MB Interior Plus 7/28/14
84 Lumber Company 12/4/13
A-1 Sports Center 7/23/14
A-Athletic and Medical Supply Co., Inc. 12/4/13
A-Tex Restaurant Supply 7/17/13
A. Bargas & Associates LLC 7/23/14
A.W. Peller & Assoiciates, Inc. 7/23/14
ABDO Publishing 4/9/13
ACCO Brands USA LLC dba GBC 4/9/13
ACM Body & Frame Inc 4/9/13
ACP Direct 7/23/14
AFP Industries 4/9/13
AIMS Education Foundation 12/4/13
AbleNet, Inc. 7/23/14
Abundant Life Expressions 4/9/13
Accolades Awards 4/9/13
Accu-Print 11/18/13
Ace Educationsl Supplies 7/23/14
Ace Mart Restaurant Supply 7/17/13
Ace Screen Graphics 4/9/13
Achieve 3000, Inc. 7/23/14
Active Parenting Publishers 7/23/14
Ad Wear & Specialty 4/9/13
Advance Technologies Consultants, Inc. 7/23/14
Airborne Athletics, Inc. 12/4/13
Airgas Refrigerants, Inc 4/9/13
Al's Formal Wear 7/23/14
Alamo City Strings 7/23/14
Alamo Iron Works 12/4/13
Alamo Music Center 8/2/13
Alamo Tee's & Advertising 4/9/13
Alert Services, Inc. 7/23/14
Algy Trimmings Co., Inc. 7/23/14
All Tire Supply Co. 4/9/13
Allied Advertising Agency, Inc. 7/23/14
Alpha Foods Co. 7/23/14
Altex Computers & Electronics 7/23/14
Aluminum Athletic Equipment Co. 7/23/14
Amazing Awards, Inc. 7/23/14
American Band Accessories LLC 8/2/13
American Time 12/4/13
American Tire Distributors 7/23/14
Americrane Rentals, L.P. 7/17/13
Anaconda Sports 7/23/14
Anderson's 8/4/14
Andy's Auto & Bus Air, Inc 4/9/13
AngelTrax 7/23/14
Antonio Strad Violin 7/23/14
Aramark Uniform Services 7/23/14
Arbordale Publishing 7/23/14
Armadillo Clay & Supplies 4/9/13
Attainment Compnay 7/23/14
Audio Visual Aids Corp 7/23/14
Austin Vacuum S.A., Inc. 7/23/14
Authentic Promotions 7/23/14
Aves Audio Visual Systems, Inc 7/23/14
B & B Athletics 12/4/13
B & H Foto Eletronics Corp 7/23/14
BBI Tennis Group 7/23/14
BOMAQ Construction 7/23/14
BSN Sports 7/23/14
Bandstar Musical Instruments 8/2/13
Barbara LaGatta Promotional Products, Inc 7/23/14
Barcelona Sporting Goods 7/23/14
Barnes & Noble 4/9/13
Bass Computers, Inc. 7/23/14
Batteries Plus 12/4/13
Bearprt Publishing 7/23/14
Beckwith Electrical Engineering Co 4/9/13
Beehive Specialty 4/9/13
Ben Meadows, a div of GHC Specialty Brands, LLC 7/17/13
Benz Microscope Optics Center, Inc. 12/4/13
Big Country School Supply LLC 7/23/14
Big Star Branding 4/9/13
Bill Fritz Sports Corp 7/23/14
Bill Miller Bar B Q 4/9/13
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. 7/23/14
Blick Art Materials LLC 7/23/14
Blue Moose Tees 7/23/14
Bohls Bearings 12/4/13
Booksource 7/23/14
Bound to Stay Bound Books Inc 4/9/13
Brain Hurricane 7/23/14
Braun Beef 7/23/14
Brents Uniform Factory 12/4/13
Broad Reach 7/23/14
Brodhead Garrett School Specialty 4/9/13
Brook Mays Music 8/2/13
Bruton Souza Kradle 8/2/13
Buck Terrell Athletics, Inc. 12/4/13
Buddy's All Stars 7/23/14
Burmax Company, Inc. The 7/23/14
Bus Parts Warehouse 4/9/13
Business Equipment & Systems Co., Inc. dba BESCO 7/17/13
Business Interiors by Staples 4/9/13
Butte Publications 7/23/14
C & R Seating, Inc 4/9/13
CPO Science 7/24/14
Caldwell County Ford 11/18/13
Calico Industries 7/24/14
Camarillo Music Products 7/24/14
Cannon Sports, Inc. 7/24/14
Capstone Classroom 7/24/14
Capstone Publishers 7/24/14
Carigill Kitchen Solutions 7/24/14
Carolina Biological Supply Co. 12/4/13
Cascio Interstate Music Inc 8/2/13
Cengage Learning, Inc. 7/24/14
Centar Industries 4/9/13
Central Polly Bag Corp 7/24/14
Century Music Systems Inc 4/9/13
Certified Laboratories Division of NCH Corp 8/2/13
Chalk's Truck Parts 4/9/13
Chaney Electronics 4/9/13
Checko's Copies Inc 4/9/13
Chemico International, Inc. 7/17/13
Chemsearch 4/9/13
Child's World, Inc., The 7/24/14
Children's Plus, Inc 4/9/13
Clarke Distributing 7/24/14
Classroom Library Company 4/9/13
Coach USA Kerrille Bus Co 4/9/13
Coca-Cola Refreshments 4/9/13
College Board, The 7/24/14
Color Tone Paint, Inc 4/9/13
Comfort-Air Engineering, Inc. 7/17/13
Commercial Kitchen Parts & Service 4/9/13
Computer Solutions 4/9/13
ConServ Flag Company 4/9/13
Consolidated Office Systems 7/17/13
Contructive Playthings 7/24/14
Cool Gas, Inc. 12/4/13
Corona Vision 8/2/13
Costume Closet, The 7/24/14
Crabtree Publishing Company 7/24/14
Croft Truck Equipment 5/7/13
Crown Trophy 4/9/13
Curriculum Associates, LLC 7/24/14
Custom Sportswear, Inc 4/9/13
Cynmar Corporation 12/4/13
D & H Distributin Company 7/28/14
D & J Sports 7/17/13
DLB Books, Inc. 8/4/14
DLB Educational Corp 4/9/13
DMI Corp dba Decker Mechanical 4/9/13
Dancing Drum 8/2/13
DanzGear 7/28/14
Davidson Titles, Inc 4/9/13
DeLaGarza Fence Co. 7/28/14
DeMoulin Bros & Company 4/9/13
DeWinne Equipment 4/9/13
Dealers Electrical Supply 12/4/13
Dean Contruction 4/9/13
Decals Etc 7/17/13
Delaney Eductional Enterprises, Inc. 7/28/14
Delegard Tool of Texas 5/7/13
Delikate Prints 4/9/13
Delta Education LLC 8/4/14
Demco, Inc. 8/4/14
Designs by Esther 7/28/14
Diamondback Printing & Promotions 4/9/13
Dick Blick Company 4/9/13
Discount School Supply 8/4/14
Discount Two-Way Radio 4/9/13
Don Johnston Inc. 8/4/14
Down Patt 4/9/13
Dynamic Water Solutions 7/28/14
Dynastudy, Inc. 8/4/14
E-Complete, LLC 8/4/14
EAI Eduction 7/28/14
EBSCO Information Services 4/9/13
EDC Educational Services 4/9/13
ETA hand2mind 8/4/14
East West Discovery Press 4/9/13
Ecolab, Inc 4/9/13
Edmentum 8/4/14
Education Plus 8/4/14
Educational Innovations, Inc. 12/4/13
Educational Technology Learning 8/4/14
Educator's Depot, Inc. 8/4/14
Educators Outlet, Inc. 8/4/14
Einstruction by Turning Technologies 8/4/14
Elert & Associates 7/28/14
Endzone Video Systems 12/4/13
Enslow Publishers 8/4/14
Escue & Associates 8/4/14
Evan-Moor Educational Publishers 8/4/14
ExploreLearning 8/4/14
Express Booksellers 8/4/14
Ferguson Enterprises 4/9/13
Firelight Books, LLC 8/4/14
First Team LLC 4/9/13
Fisher Scientific Company LLC 12/4/13
Fitness Finders Inc 8/4/14
FlagHouse 8/4/14
Flinn Scientific Inc. 12/4/13
Floyette Originals, Inc. 7/28/14
Follett Library Resources, Inc 4/9/13
Follett School Solutions, Inc. 8/4/14
Frey Scientific 8/4/14
Friedrich Lighting 4/9/13
Fundraisers, Etc., Inc 4/9/13
Furniture by William Webb 7/17/13
GBC 8/4/14
GF Educators, Inc. 8/4/14
GTM Sportswear 7/28/14
Gail's Flags, Inc 8/2/13
Gandy Ink 7/28/14
Gareth Stevens Publishing 8/4/14
Garrett Book Company 4/9/13
Gary Bell 7/28/14
Gateway Printing & Office Supplies, Inc. 8/4/14
Genesis II, Inc., 7/28/14
Georgetown Sproting Goods 4/9/13
Glen Products 4/9/13
Glidden Professional 5/22/13
Golden West Oil Co 4/9/13
Gonzalez Auto Parts 4/9/13
Gopher Sport 7/17/13
Grace Rains Inc 8/4/14
Grande Truck Center 11/18/13
Grapevine Dodge Chrysler Jeep 11/18/13
Graphix Store, The 7/28/14
Graybar Electric 7/28/14
Great Ideas for Teaching 8/4/14
Greenwood Publishing dba Heinemann 8/4/14
Guidance Group, Inc. The 8/4/14
Gulf Coast Paper Company 7/28/14
Gumdrop Books 4/9/13
H & H Overhead Door Comp. Inc. 12/4/13
HD Supply Facilities Maintenance, Ltd 12/4/13
HEB Grocery Co. 7/17/13
Hans Johnson Co 4/23/13
Happy Feet, Inc. 7/28/14
Heat & Transfer of South TX 12/4/13
Heat Press 4/23/13
Heaven Sent Promotions & Apparel 4/23/13
Henry Schein, Inc. 12/4/13
Herff Jones Nystrom 4/23/13
Hertz Furniture 7/28/14
Herwick's 4/23/13
High School Music Service, Inc. 7/28/14
Highlights Inc 4/23/13
Hillje Music Centers, LLC 7/28/14
Hilti, Inc. 12/4/13
Hitech Assets 8/2/13
Hobart Service 12/4/13
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 8/4/14
House of Ribbons 7/28/14
Hydro Tex 4/23/13
IDN-Acme, Inc. 12/4/13
Ilanos Talent Wear 7/28/14 7/28/14
Imagine Easy Solutions, LLC 8/4/14
Imperial Bus Company 4/23/13
Imprint Resources 7/28/14
Indeco Sales 7/28/14
Industrial Mechanical Services 4/23/13
Industrial Systems Inc. 12/4/13
Infobase Publishing 4/23/13
Innovative Learning Concepts, Inc. 8/4/14
Insco Distributing, Inc 4/23/13
Insect Love 8/4/14
Intech Southwest 4/23/13
J Paul Company, The 12/4/13
J. Brandt Recognition 7/28/14
J. R., Inc. 7/28/14
J.W.Pepper & Son, Inc. 12/4/13
Jade 8/4/14
JanPak 4/23/13
Jarrett Publishing Company 8/4/14
Jason's Deli 7/28/14
Jasper Engines and Transmissions 5/7/13
Johnstone Supply 7/17/13
Jones School Supply Co., Inc. 8/4/14 Inc. dba Academic Superstore 8/4/14
Jubilee Music Repair 8/2/13
Junior Library Guild 8/4/14
K-Stone Supplies & Repairs 4/23/13
K-log Inc. 7/17/13
KAMICO Instructional Media, Inc. 8/5/14
KGT's & More 4/23/13
Kaplan Early Learning Company 8/5/14
Kathy's Stamps 'n Signs 8/5/14
Keystone Books & Media 8/5/14
Knowbuddy Resources 8/5/14
LEGO Education 8/5/14
La TradiciĆ³n 7/28/14
Lab Resources, Inc. 8/5/14
Laerdal Medical Corp 4/23/13
Lakeshore Learning Materials 8/5/14
Land, Sea & Sky 12/4/13
Lawmen's & Shooters' Supply, Inc. 7/28/14
Lawson Products 12/4/13
Leap'n Logos 4/23/13
Leapin' Leotards 4/23/13
Learning A-Z 8/5/14
Learning Resources 8/5/14
Learning Seed, LLC 8/5/14
Learning Wheels, Inc. 8/5/14
Learning Zone 8/5/14
Lectorum Publications, Inc. 8/5/14
Lenny's Sub Shop 4/23/13
Lerner Publishing 8/5/14
Leslie G 12/4/13
Library Video Company 8/5/14
Lids Team Sports 4/23/13
Linguisystems, Inc 4/23/13
Liquid Environmental Solutions of Texas, LLC 7/17/13
Lone Star PV, LLC 12/4/13
Lone Star Percussion 8/2/13
Lone Star Special Tee's 4/23/13
Longhorn Inc. 12/4/13
Lookout Books 8/5/14
Luna Automotive 4/23/13
Lynwood Building Materials Inc 5/22/13
M & D Distributors 5/7/13
M&A Technology 8/5/14
M-Tronics Inc. 11/18/13
M.C.I. Foods, Inc 4/23/13
M.E. Sharpe, Inc 4/23/13
MSC Industrial Supply 5/22/13
MZR Shirts 7/28/14
Macie Publishing Company 8/2/13
Mackin Educational Resources 4/23/13
Mallatts Pharmacy & Custumes 4/23/13
Mama Margie's 4/23/13
Mariachi Connection, The 4/23/13
Markerboard People, The 8/5/14
Marsh Media 8/5/14
Mason Crest 4/23/13
Master Teacher, The 7/28/14
Masters Distribution Systems 4/23/13
Math GPS, LLC 7/28/14
Math Teachers Press, Inc. 8/5/14
McCormick's Enterprises, Inc. 7/28/14
McCoy's Building Supply 5/22/13
McGraw Hill School Education, LLC 8/5/14
Medco Supply Co 4/23/13
Medical Wholesale, Inc 4/23/13
Meister Supply Co. 12/4/13
Melhart Music Center 8/2/13
Mentoring Minds, L.P. 8/5/14
Midway Auto Supply 4/23/13
Midwest Technology Products 7/28/14
Midwest 4/23/13
Mission Restaurant Supply 7/17/13
Mobile Mini, Inc 4/23/13
Monarch Trophy Studio 4/23/13
Moore Medical LLC 4/23/13
Music & Arts Center 7/28/14
Music in Motion 8/2/13
Music is Elementary 8/2/13
Musical Instrument Service 7/28/14
Myers Tire Supply 5/7/13
NACO Nelson Adams Co 4/23/13
NASCO 8/5/14
NCS Pearson, Inc. 8/5/14
National Educational Music Company 7/28/14
National Educational Systems 8/5/14
National Guaranteed Vinyl, Inc 4/23/13
National Reading Styles Institute 8/5/14
Nebraska Scientific 12/4/13
Neff Motivations 7/28/14
New Readers Press 8/5/14
Nolans Office Products 7/28/14
Norwood House Press 8/5/14
O'Reilly Auto Parts 7/28/14
O.K. Paper 12/4/13
ORIGO Education, Inc. 8/5/14
Oak Farm Dairy 4/23/13
Office Depot 8/5/14
Ogburn's Truck Parts 4/23/13
Olga's Catering 7/28/14
One Stop Bus Stop, Inc 4/23/13
OpenTech 7/17/13
Oriental Trading Company 8/5/14
Ovation Dance Inc 4/23/13
PASCO Scientific 8/5/14
PRO-ED, Inc. 8/5/14
Pacific Learning 8/5/14
Paddle Tramps Mfg. Co. 7/28/14
Paddle Tramps 4/23/13
Pala Supply Co., Inc. 8/5/14
Palco Specialties Inc 4/23/13
Palos Sports Inc 4/23/13
Park Place Recreation Designs, Inc 4/23/13
Patterson Medical 4/23/13
Paxton Patterson LLC 4/23/13
Pearson Education, Inc. 8/5/14
Pecos Fence Inc. 7/28/14
Pegasus Press Inc 4/23/13
Pellets, Inc. 12/4/13
Pender's Music Company 12/4/13
Penworthy Company, The 4/23/13
Peoples Education, Inc. 8/5/14
Percussion Source 7/28/14
Perfection Learning Corporation 4/23/13
Performing Arts Supply Co., Inc. 12/4/13
Peripole Inc. 12/4/13
Perma-Bound Books 4/23/13
Phillips Distribution Inc 8/2/13
Pioneer Mfg. Company 12/4/13
Pitsco Education 8/5/14
Plak Smacker 4/23/13
Plank Road Publishing 7/28/14
Playgrounds Today, Inc. 12/4/13
Poppe Automotive Warehouse 7/28/14
Porta Phone Co. 12/4/13
Positive Promotions 8/5/14
Praise Hymn Fashions 7/28/14
Premier Adendas, LLC 8/5/14
Presstek, Inc 4/23/13
Prestwick House, Inc. 8/5/14
Principle Woods, Inc. 8/5/14
Pro Style 12/4/13
Pro Svl Inc 12/4/13
Products Unlimited 4/23/13
Propane Specialty Services LLC 4/23/13
Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc. 8/5/14
Psychological and Educational Publications, Inc 4/23/13
Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc. 8/5/14
Pyramid School Products 7/28/14
QEP Professional Books 8/5/14
Quad Med, Inc 4/23/13
Quill Corporation 7/28/14
RBC Music Co Inc 7/28/14
RGF Communications, Inc. 8/5/14
Rafael Rangel 7/28/14
Rainbow Book Company 4/23/13
Rainbow Gardens 3/30/12
Rally! Education 8/5/14
Realityworks 8/5/14
Really Good Stuff 8/5/14
Rebel Athletic, Inc. 7/28/14
Recorded Books 4/23/13
Recycled Engine Coolant Inc 4/23/13
Renaissance Learning, Inc 4/23/13
Resources for Reading 8/5/14
Reverence Dance Apparel 7/17/13
Reynolds Mfg. Corp. 8/5/14
Rhythm Band Instruments, LLC 12/4/13
Ribbons In The Skye 8/5/14
Rick Roe, Stage Right Corp 8/2/13
Riddell 7/28/14
Right Images 8/5/14
River City Hydraulics 4/23/13
Robert-Leslie Publishing 8/5/14
Rogers Athletic Company 12/4/13
Romeo Music 12/4/13
Rosen Publishing Group, Inc. The 8/5/14
Round 2 8/2/13
Royce Groff Oil Company 4/23/13
Rush Truck Centers of Texas, L.P. dba Rush Bus Center, Selma 4/23/13
S&S Worldwide, Inc. 8/5/14
SATCO Supply 4/23/13
SEBCO Southeastern Book Company 4/23/13
Saddleback Educational Publishing, Inc. 8/5/14
Sala Printing Service 4/23/13
Sam Ash Quikship Corp. 7/28/14
San Antonio Belting & Pulley Co., Inc 4/23/13
Sandy's Printing & Promotions 4/23/13
Sankey Equipment Co. Inc. 12/4/13
Santex Truck Center 4/23/13
Sargent-Welch VWR 12/4/13
Scholastic Library Publishing, Inc. 8/5/14
School Bus Parts Co.. 5/7/13
School Health Corporation 4/23/13
School Nurse Supply, Inc 4/23/13
School Outfitters 12/4/13
School Specialty 7/28/14
School Tee Factory 4/23/13
School-Tech, Inc. 8/5/14
Schoolwide, Inc. 8/5/14
Schweitz, Joe B. 12/4/13
Scientific Learning Corporation 8/5/14
Scott Electric 8/5/14
Screen Printed T's 4/23/13
Shar Products Company 8/2/13
Shiffler Equipment Sales, Inc. 12/4/13
Shop K12, Inc. 8/5/14
Simco Formalwear 4/23/13
Smart Apple Media 8/5/14
Smart Kids Software, Inc. 8/5/14
Smile Makers 8/5/14
Soccer Post 7/28/14
South Texas School Furniture 7/28/14
Southern Science Supply 8/5/14
Southern Tire Mart 7/28/14
Southwest Public Safety 7/28/14
Southwest Strings 7/28/14
Southwest Wheel Co. 5/7/13
Specialty Supply & Installation LLC 4/23/13
Spiral Binding Company Inc 4/23/13
Spirit Monkey, LLC 8/5/14
Spirit Work 7/28/14
Sportdecals, Inc. 7/28/14
Stage Accents 7/28/14
Stageright Corporation 12/4/13
Standard Stationary Supply Co 4/23/13
Star Poly Bag 5/13/13
Steinway Piano Gallery 12/4/13
Steve Spangler Science 12/4/13
Steve Weiss Music 7/28/14
Suzuki Music USA 8/2/13
Sweet Pipes 7/28/14
Swim Shops of the Southwest 7/17/13
Sysco Central Texas, Inc. 7/28/14
T & W Tire 4/23/13
T's Xcetera 4/23/13
T-Shirt Design Pro 4/23/13
Taylor Music, Inc. 7/28/14
Taylor, Brian B 8/2/13
Teacher Created Materials Library 8/5/14
Teacher Heaven 8/5/14
Teacher's Discovery 8/5/14
Teaching Strategies, LLC 8/5/14
Teaching Systems, Inc. 8/5/14
Team Express 7/28/14
Team Go Figure 7/28/14
Team Sports of Texas 4/23/13
Technical Laboratory Systems, Inc 4/23/13
Technology Exchange 8/2/13
Technology Recycling 8/2/13
Tempest Musical Instruments 8/2/13
Tennis Outlet, Inc. 12/4/13
Texas Alternator 4/23/13
Texas Chiller Systems 7/17/13
Texas JJ's LLC dba Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches 4/23/13
Texas Lock & Door Closer Inc 4/23/13
Texas Scenic Company, Inc. 12/4/13
Texas Trophies, Inc. 7/28/14
Textbook Warehouse 8/5/14
Think In Ink Promotions LLC 7/17/13
Toledo P.E. Supply 12/4/13
Tote Unlimited 7/28/14
Townsend Press 8/5/14
Trane 4/23/13
Triarco Arts & Crafts, LLC 4/23/13
Triple S Steel Supply Co. 12/4/13
TripleNterprises Inc. 8/5/14
U.S. School Supply, Inc. 8/5/14
US Games 8/5/14
United Health Supplies 5/13/13
United School Bus Seat Service, Inc. 5/7/13
Universal Melody Services 7/28/14
VSC, Inc. 8/5/14
VWR International, LLC 8/5/14
Valiant Music Supply 12/4/13
Varsity Spirit Fashion 7/28/14
Vernier Software & Technology 12/4/13
Visual Learning Systems 4/23/13
Voyager Sopris Learning, Inc. 8/5/14
W.T. Cox Information Services 4/23/13
WM Recycle 8/2/13
Walker Advertising Inc 4/23/13
Walters Piano Service 7/17/13
Walton Distributing Co., Inc 4/23/13
Ward Systems 7/17/13
Washington Music Sales Center Inc 12/4/13
Wee Wonder Early Childhood Company 12/4/13
Weldon, Williams & Lick, Inc. 12/4/13
Wenger Corporation 12/4/13
West Music Company 12/4/13
Western Accociates, Inc 4/23/13
Wick Floor Machine Co 4/23/13
Wood Etc. Co. 8/5/14
Woodburn Press 8/5/14
World Book, Inc. 8/5/14
World Precision Instruments Inc 4/23/13
World of Promotions 4/23/13
You Name It Specialties 4/23/13
Youthlight, Inc. 8/5/14
Zaner-Bloser, Inc. 8/5/14
Zed Security LLC 12/4/13
Zulli Method 8/5/14

Local Government Officer Conflicts Disclosure Statements

Name Title
Henry Acosta Director Non-Certified
Carin Adermann Principal
Maricela Alarcon Ls Teacher Bil
Dennis Alexander Director Certified
Susan Allain Principal
Tonya Almaraz Vice-Principal
Jennifer Alvarez Principal
Monica Anguiano Vice-Principal
Veronica Arteaga Principal
David Aslin Vice-Principal
Lisa Baker Asst Principal
Windy Barker Principal
Cynthia Barrera Vice-Principal
Rebecca Barron-Flores Principal
Steven Bassett Supt./Asst.
Micki Belko Principal
Maricia Belvin-Gregory Principal
Melissa Benavidez Asst Director Certified
Geraldina Benitez Vice-Principal
Dr. Geri Berger Principal
Justin Bledsoe Vice-Principal
Adam Bock Vice-Principal
Ada Bohlken Principal
Chad Bohlken Asst Director Certified
Kristine Bolstad Vice-Principal
Sandra Bonnett Principal
Carol Borcherding Principal
Grantley Boxill Director Non-Certified
Ryan Boyle Se Teacher El
Lilia Brown Vice-Principal
Paul Brusewitz Vice-Principal
Thomas Buente Principal
Linda Burk Principal
Tracie Camp Vice-Principal
Mirella Campbell Vice-Principal
Oscar Cardenas Supt./Deputy
Michelle Cardona Asst Director Non-Certified
Michael Carew Asst Director Certified
Erin Carlson Principal
Yolanda Carlson Vice-Principal
Rebecca Carmona Vice-Principal
Charles Carnes Police Chief
Lawrence Carranco Vice-Principal
Norma Casas Director Non-Certified
Albert Castillo Vice-Principal
Annette Castillo Vice-Principal
Gretchen Catron Vice-Principal
Linda Cavazos Director Non-Certified
Jose Cedillo Asst Director Non-Certified
Irene Chavez Principal
Pedro Chavez Vice-Principal
Joanne Clyne Principal
Elsa Coatney Asst Director Non-Certified
Evelyn Cobarruvias Principal
Gerri Collier Director Tech/Spec
Debra Connor Vice-Principal
Pamela Cooney Vice-Principal
Yvonne Correa Principal
Martha Cortinas-fernandez Vice-Principal
Kris Cotton Principal
Mary Helen Cover Principal
Catherine Cowan Principal
Kasey Crick Vice-Principal
Teresa Cuellar Vice-Principal
Stephen Daniel Supt./Asst.
Jeffrey Davenport Principal
Richard De la cruz Asst Director Non-Certified
Irma De la garza Asst Director Certified
Claudia De spain Vice-Principal
Deonna Dean Director Certified
Dr. Danny DeGuire Director Non-Certified
Rachel Delgado Vice-Principal
Sherry Dillard Vice-Principal
Kathryn Dodge-clay Principal
Henry Dominguez Asst Director Non-Certified
Phillip Edge Vice-Principal
Diana Ely Director Certified
David Empson Principal
Jennifer Escamilla Vice-Principal
Sandra Estrada Vice-Principal
Brenda Farias Principal
Gabriela Farias Asst Director Non-Certified
Norma Farrell Vice-Principal
Monica Faulkenbery Asst Director Non-Certified
Robin Fields Principal
Erika Foerster Principal
Willie Frantzen Principal
Sallie Frederick Principal
Amber Freeman Vice-Principal
Jody Fries Principal
Angela Fry Vice-Principal
Jack Funkhouser Principal
Ray Galindo Supt./Deputy
Brenda Gallardo Principal
Lisa Gallego Vice-Principal
Lori Gallegos Principal
Adolfo Garcia Vice-Principal
Gabriela Garcia Vice-Principal
Joel Garcia Vice-Principal
Krista Garcia Principal
Mark Garcia Vice-Principal
Tommy Garcia Principal
Adriana Garza Principal
Jessica Garza Grade 3
Rebecca Garza Asst Director Certified
Donna Gavegan Vice-Principal
Dana Gilbert-Perry Vice-Principal
Debby Glass Asst Director Non-Certified
Amber Gonzales Vice-Principal
Julissa Gonzalez Asst Director Non-Certified
Pascual Gonzalez Exec Director Non-Certified
Kathleen Gorsche Principal
Lori Graves Asst Director Non-Certified
Melissa Grijalva Vice-Principal
Gracie Guess Principal
Vicki Guller Vice-Principal
Roxanne Gutierrez Vice-Principal
Tiffany Gutierrez Asst Director Non-Certified
Nicole Guzman Vice-Principal
Manuela Haberer Vice-Principal
Lisa Hahne Vice-Principal
David Halbert Vice-Principal
Kevin Hamilton Asst Director Certified
Harold Hansen Asst Director Non-Certified
Shana Hansen Principal
Joseph Hardison Asst Director Non-Certified
Paula Harris Principal
Robert Harris Principal
Kathryn Hayes Vice-Principal
Deborah Healy Director Certified
Craig Hejtmancik Director Certified
Blanca Hemann Principal
Elizabeth Hernandez Vice-Principal
Laura Hernandez Vice-Principal
Talia Hernandez Vice-Principal
Lisa Hibshman Vice-Principal
Patricia Hill Supt./Asst.
Kelly Hobizal Vice-Principal
Jill Holmes Principal
Jacqueline Horras Principal
Brock Horton Vice-Principal
Kirby Jameson Asst Director Certified
Anthony Jarrett Principal
Mary Jewell Principal
Karen Johnson Vice-Principal
Kittiya Johnson Principal
Rhonda Johnson Principal
Lori Jones Supt./Asst.
Jennifer Jordan Vice-Principal
Jeannine Keairnes Principal
Kevin Kearns Principal
Christopher Kenroy Grade 5
Anna Kessler Vice-Principal
Jeanine Kidwell Vice-Principal
Vicki Kilpatrick Vice-Principal
Sonya Kirkham Principal
Anne Kleeberg Vice-Principal
Misty Knapp Principal
Thomas Knapp Principal
Nathan Koudouris Asst Principal
Tod Kuenning Principal
Stanley Laing Executive Director Certified
Patricia Lambert Principal
Elizabeth Langer Director Tech/Spec
Suzanne Lansdale Grade 4
Levinia Lara Executive Director Certified
Robert Lehr Principal
Linda Lieck Asst Director Non-Certified
Lindsey Linahan Vice-Principal
Karen Littlewood Vice-Principal
Annette Lopez Principal
Romelia Lopez Vice-Principal
Melissa Lopez-Brouse Vice-Principal
Katherine Lyssy Academic Dean
Thomas Mackey Principal
Kathryn Mackin Asst Director Non-Certified
Elizabeth Maggio Vice-Principal
Harold Maldonado Principal
Kelly Mantle Vice-Principal
Stacey Markley Budget Analyst
Sandra Marks Asst Director Non-Certified
Gerardo Marquez Principal
Javier Martinez Principal
Julie Martinez Asst Director Tech/Spec
Lydia Martinez Director Certified
Myrna Martinez Director Non-Certified
April Mata Vice-Principal
Lisa Mcconoghy Principal
Scott Mckenzie Principal
Shawn Mckenzie Vice-Principal
George Mcknight Director Certified
Joseph Mcmonagle Director Tech/Spec
Deborah Mcnierney Director Non-Certified
Shirley Medghalchi Asst Director Certified
Lourdes Medina Academic Dean
Paul Megerle Director Non-Certified
Mary Mendoza Principal
Kendra Merrell Vice-Principal
Maria Meza Principal
James Miculka Director Certified
Ray Moncus Executive Director Certified
Julie Montamat Vice-Principal
Dr. Linda Mora Supt./Deputy
Paul Moreno Vice-Principal
Lisa Morris Vice-Principal
Teri Mosier Asst Director Non-Certified
Benjamin Muir Director Certified
Glenda Munson Principal
William Navin Principal
Francesca Neal Sce Math Support Sp
Sunday Nelson-Kaminsky Principal
Randolph Neuenfeldt Vice-Principal
Patricia Noriega Principal
Seungyun Oh Grade 4
Faustino Ortega Asst Principal
Marty Ortega Counselor
Audry Ortegon Hr Coordinator
Jessica Palomares Principal
Jared Pankau
Virginia Parker Gifted Talented El
Debra Patlovany Principal
Priscilla Paul Vice-Principal
Nancy Pena Principal
Barry Perez Principal
Josephine Perez Vice-Principal
Juan Perez Vice-Principal
Rosemary Perez Director Certified
Anthony Persyn Vice-Principal
Dr. Karen Petersen Principal
Cornelius Phelps Principal
Lynn Pierson Principal
Debra Pinon Principal
Ceasar Ponce Exec Director Non-Certified
Erika Pruneda Vice-Principal
Norma Rabago Asst Director Non-Certified
Victor Raga Vice-Principal
Leticia Ramirez Vice-Principal
David Rastellini Director Non-Certified
Christina Rather Vice-Principal
Brenda Rayburg Vice-Principal
Teresa Recore Asst Director Non-Certified
Vaughan Rehfeld Vice-Principal
Charles Rentschler Asst Director Non-Certified
Dr. Benito Resendiz Principal
Linda Reyes Vice-Principal
Lynda Reyes Executive Director Certified
Wendy Reyes Principal
Darrell Rice Hearing Officer
Melisa Richard Vice-Principal
Ryan Richter Vice-Principal
Gilbert Rios Principal
Hector Rodriguez Athletic Coordinator
Madeline Rodriguez Vice-Principal
Anabelia Romero Vice-Principal
David Romero Asst Principal
Mark Rustan Principal
Antoinette Saenz Vice-Principal
Rafael Salazar Director Non-Certified
Leroy San miguel Supt./Asst.
Patricia Sanchez Principal
Sharon Sanchez Director Non-Certified
Donald Schmidt Asst Supt/Stdt Fam&
Shirley Schreiber Director Non-Certified
Linda Seewald Director Certified
Veronica Segovia-Cadena Vice-Principal
Lori Shaw Principal
Timothy Shaw Vice-Principal
Douglass Shudde Cur Mgmt Sy Coordinator
Vicki Siebrecht Vice-Principal
Audrey Sifuentes Vice-Principal
Rosario Siller Principal
Tesilia Soliz Principal
Andi Sosa Vice-Principal
Chaisleigh Southworth Vice-Principal
Sharon Spencer
Carrie Squyres Principal
Renee Stanley Asst Director Non-Certified
Richard Stout Campus Prgms Coord
Dennis Ann Strong Executive Director Certified
Dr. Vicky Sullivan Director Certified
Jay Sumpter Principal
Ronald Tatsch Principal
Cecil Tatum Exec Director Non-Certified
Debra Tatum Principal
Alisa Thienpont Director Non-Certified
Shirley Thompson Principal
Tracy Tietze Principal
Eric Tobias Principal
Belinda Trevino Principal
John Trimble Vice-Principal
Vickie Tschirhart Principal
Lisa Turner Principal
Deann Upright Principal
Mary Usrey Principal
Ernest Vasquez Director Tech/Spec
Kirsten Velasquez Se Campus Coor
Rita Villalpando Director Certified
Kenneth Vogel Vice-Principal
Eric Walls Director Non-Certified
Brenda Ward Director Certified
Marcella Warren Director Certified
Michella Wheat Principal
Thomas Wherry Director Non-Certified
Daisy Whisenant Principal
Brian Woods Superintendent
Dr. Jerry Woods Principal
Betsy Wynn Supt./Asst.
Sheila Yeager Asst Principal
Leanna Young Std Success Adv Teac
Erika Zagala Vice-Principal
Linda Zarakas Executive Director Certified
Scott Zolinski Asst Director Certified

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