NISD Homebound/Hospital Program

Instruction is available for both special education and general education students. A student is eligible for Homebound services if he or she has a disability or illness that confines the student for four consecutive weeks or twenty school days, as documented by a physician licensed to practice in the United States.

Hospital Bedside

Instruction is provided to students who are expected to be confined to a hospital setting and have been cleared by a doctor to benefit from limited instruction. The Hospital Program serves NISD students and students from other districts confined to a hospital within the boundaries of Northside ISD (in consultation with the student's home district).

Homebound/Hospital Services

Students receiving Homebound/Hospital services receive a minimum of four hours of instruction per week to meet state attendance requirements. Instruction is provided in the core academic areas of English/Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies.

If a student is in need of Homebound/Hospital services, a medical packet must be obtained from the Homebound/Hospital Program Office or the student's home campus. These forms must be completed by the parent and the physician before services may be considered. Once the need for services has been appropriately established with the return of these signed forms, a meeting will be set at the student's home campus to implement home services or in the hospital for those services.

For further information, please contact the Homebound/Hospital Program at (210) 397-8810.

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