The Integration Station
CIT Integration Sharing - November 5, 2004
Presenter Topic / Grade Level Resources
Theresa Cruz
Glenn Oaks Elementary
Forest Animals Research / 2nd

Lesson Plan
Library Lesson Plan
Field Guide English / Spanish
Habitats English / Spanish
Predators English / Spanish
Sources English / Spanish




Amanda Quick
Glass Elementary

Integration Staff Development Website
Sample lessons created by Glass Teachers
Cafeteria Favorites
Changes Over Time
Marble Champ
Native American Communities
Schools Around the World
Simple Machines
Thanksgiving Past & Present



Tina Rodriguez
Adams Hill Elementary
Simple Machines / 3rd Lesson Plan
Simple Machines Website
Scavenger Hunt Worksheet



Susan Mohler
Brauchle Elementary
 Pave your Way to Save / K - 2  



Mark Howson
Cable Elementary
 Circuits / 5th

Lesson Plan
Activity Sheet



Amber Samaniego
Cody Elementary
 Author Study / 4th

Lesson Plan
Inspiration Outline
Group Planning Sheet




Dana Fish
Fernandez Elementary
 Map Fun / 1st Lesson Plan
Map Template
USA Picture



Bertie Esquivel
Hull Elementary
 The Animation Project - An Integrated Lesson for Art / 5th Lesson Plan



Sandra Arias
Northwest Crossing Elementary
 Country Study / 4th  Country Study Lesson Plan
Judy McMillan
Thornton Elementary
 How Communication Has Changed /2nd Lesson Plan
Note taking Chart
Excel Communication Graph
Bill Hughes
Timberwilde Elementary
 The Traveling Tuber / 4th Lesson Plan
Excel Workbook
Jennifer Ritchey-Munoz
Villarreal Elementary
 Texas Quarter  Website
Christi Wilder
Burke Elementary
The Double Bubble / 5th Lesson Plan
Inspiration Template
train.gif and rogers.gif download Available 10/29/2004