Insert video into presentations

Many teachers have tried inserting a video into a PowerPoint without having much luck. Using Google Drive Presentations can aleviate the issue.

Google drive allows users to seamlessly integrate Youtube video into Google Presentations. At this time video is limited to Youtube only.

Please keep student privacy and confidentiality in mind when posting videos to Youtube to be embedded in Google Presentations.

Inserting Video

  1. From your presentation in Google Drive, click INSERT.
  2. Select VIDEO. A pop-up window will appear.
  3. Inserting video
  4. In the Youtube Search field, type your KEYWORDS.
  5. Click the MAGNIFYING GLASS BUTTON. Your results will appear below the search field.
  6. To preview a video, click the PLAY BUTTON located on the screen-shot of the video.
  7. To select the video, select the VIDEO.
  8. Click SELECT located at the bottom of the window. The video will be placed into the current slide.
  9. Resize the video by CLICKING & DRAGGING the HANDLES of the video window.
  10. Resize Video