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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Can't I Keep/Save a Student's Modeled Schedule

After altering a student’s schedule, you need to KEEP the changes.  This means SAVE.  If you don’t save the changes, you will see this error message.  Click YES to Keep the schedule.  If you can’t save it, you have errors. 

Search for them!  FIX THEM and try to save again!

Some Common Errors (Click here for nice PDF document)

  1. Date Dropped on dropped course and Date Added on new course are the same or overlap.

Solution:   Change date dropped to Last Day Student Attended Class.  Change date added to First Day Student Attended New Class.









2. A student must be enrolled on the day a course is scheduled.  You will get the following error message when this is not correct.

Solution:  Change the date added on the schedule to match the student’s entry date.












3. Trying to schedule two courses in the same period.

Solution:  Remove one of the courses.









Another example of conflicting courses in the same period














How Can I Print a Class Roster by Teacher

Click the link to get a step-by-step cheat sheet.

Printing Class Roster by Teacher

When I Run a Advanced Search I Get a Student List, I Want a Report.

When you run a Advanced Search you will get a "Student List" for the criteria you entered. If you want a nice PDF report separated by grade, student name, etc., you will need to click on the "Report" button at the top or bottom of the student list.

Click link to see a step-by-step cheat sheet.

How do I update Year End Status?

Click here
to view a step-by-step cheat sheet.
How do I print a transcript?
  1. From the Navigation Pane, click Student Center >> Mark Reporting>> Transcript Courses Summary.
  2. Do NOT use the Print Transcript button.
  3. Instead, use the Green Print button from the top right corner of eSchoolPlus.

Click here for a step-by-step cheat sheet.

How do I calculate Honor Roll

Click here for a step-by-step cheat sheet.

1. Go to Mark Reporting Center>>Calculations>>Honor Roll Calculation

2. Choose RC (report card) run and Honor Roll Group.

ACAD = A and AB Honor Roll.
SEM = Semester Honor Roll

3. Click Run.

4. Your Report will be in the My Recent Reports section of the Home page.


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