NISD BlackBerry Password Policy
  Setting your Password

Once the password policy has been implemented,your phone will automatically lock and display a New Password textbox.

1. In the New Password textbox, enter a 4 letter password.
2. Press ENTER or push the trackball/click-wheel.
3. In the Verify New Password textbox, enter the 4 letter password again.
4 Press ENTER or push the trackball/click-wheel.
5. Your Blackberry is now unlocked and ready for use.

NOTE: You will receive an error message if the paswords you enter are not identical. Press ENTER or BACK to return to the New Password textbox and begin again.

Unlocking Your Blackberry

1. Move the trackball/click-wheel to see the Handheld locked message.
2. Press UNLOCK
3. Enter your password
4. Press ENTER or push the trackball/click-wheel

NOTE: The Blackberry will automatically lock after 60 minutes of inactivity.