Intranet Facelift
  The year for CHANGE!

In response to growth and employee feedback, the Intranet will receive a “facelift” to better suit the needs of District employees. 

So, what will Intranet v2009 look like? Find out launch day on Feb. 12th. v2009 will be more than a redesign to accommodate growth, it will be loaded with interesting new  features, such as:

1. First and foremost,v2009, will not allow students to access the Intranet as they currently can.  This provides a better level of security for information on the Intranet that only employees need.

2. Employees will log-in using their network log-in for access to the Intranet.

3. A good result of the login feature is customization:  employees will be able to customize their “own Intranet” page by adding their  “most frequently used” links in a Bookmark area.

4.  Version 2009 will also have a ”help” feature, giving employees access to short tips on using the Intranet and its many new features “on demand”.

More info coming soon…