Personal Devices Brought from Home:

a. Do not connect to the wireless network if the Internet is not needed.

b. Laptop-like devices, only, (laptops, netbooks, tablets) are allowed per the AUP.

c. No handhelds (iPods, smart phones, PDAs, eBook readers) are allowed on the NISD wireless network without special permission from the Principal/Director.

d. Connect to the NISD WiFi wireless network, only, for Internet access.

i. Middle school and high school students, as well as all staff district-wide, should use their normal network user names and

ii. Guests and elementary students should use the wireless guest account and the "password of the day." Guests should have a signed AUP agreement on file.

iii. Personal devices should NOT be hard-wired to the network; only wireless access is permitted.

iv. See for detailed connectivity instructions.