NISD iPod Touch Devices:

a. Do not connect to the wireless network if the Internet is not needed.

b. Best suited for teacher-created content, educational apps (some of which require the Internet), and quickly looking something up on the Internet.

c. Not suited for extensive Internet research or browsing.

d. Connect to the NISD WiFi wireless network, only, for Internet access. CITs will install a special WiFi app/icon on these devices so they can be used/shared by multiple students.

i. Middle school and high school students, as well as all staff, should use their normal network user names and passwords.

ii. Elementary students should use the wireless guest account and the "password of the day."

iii. See for detailed connectivity instructions.

e. NISD Technicians cannot repair or support iPods. iPods must be sent back to the vendor by the campus for repair/replacement.

f. CITs/department staff should contact Academic Technology staff or Technology Training & Development staff for assistance and support (connectivity, configuration, management, apps, use, teaching best practices, etc.).