NISD Laptops, Netbooks, and Tablets:

a. Generally, can be used just like a desktop computer.

b. Whole-class simultaneous use of high-bandwidth applications (online testing, streaming video, etc.) is not recommended. Use a desktop computer lab or classroom/library "wired" desktops instead.

c. Connect to the Genesis wireless network to access the Internet or network resources (sFiles, printers, shared folders, H: drive, etc.).

i. Students and staff should use their normal network user names and passwords, as if using a desktop computer. (For elementary students, this is a generic campus-specific student network account.)

ii. Guests should use the wireless guest account and the "password of the day" and have a signed AUP agreement on file.

iii. See for detailed connectivity instructions.

d. Updates (new software, patches, upgrades, etc.) over the wireless network are not practical and should not be done. Instead, Devices in carts should be periodically hard-wired and logged in the network to receive necessary updates and decrease start-up time.