Morning Drop Off of student(s)

Morning Drop off - If you are one of our parents that drops their student(s) off in the morning, we are asking for some help.  The past few weeks we have seen some improvement in this process and that drop off times are getting faster.  In order to fascilitate this process, whether an administrator is able to be out front or not - we are asking for your help.  Please pull as far forward as you can and in good weather we ask that students be dropped off the entire length of the front side walk.  If everyone will drop their student(s) off the full length of the side walk this releases 10-12 cars at once and the line moves much faster.  We are also asking that students be prepared to exit by the time you reach the front sidewalk so they can be let out while in the line along the front of the building.  Please understand that in Bad Weather (rain etc.) - it will be a much slower process and students should only be let out right in front of the door (still can be 3-4 cars at a time) since we do not have a covered walkway in front of the building.  We also continue to ask that NO students be dropped off in the parking lot - since crossing while other cars are letting off is not safe and we have almost had students, and staff members, hit trying to cross the drive during morning drop off.  If everyone will be respectful of others, alert and cautious during this process, students will be able to dropped off quickly,efficiently and safely.