OFFICE HOURS - if you have ever taken college classes - you remember your professors having "Office Hours."  The times when your professors would be in their office for assistance with your classwork, homework or assistance with what was occuring in your classroom.  All Vale Teachers now have "Office Hours" to assist students with homework, makeup work, re-teaching and re-testing and helping students with everyday classwork.  Each grade level has their "Office Hours" posted in several locations in their grade level hallway, including their grade level bulletin board.  We have also added a PDF version of the "Office Hours" by grade levels below in the "Quick Links" portion of our web site.  If the student's teacher is not available on a particular day they may need assistance, they can also go to the other teachers in that content in the grade level for assistance.  No passes are neeed for "Office Hours" and students are highly encouraged to use this access to their teachers for assistance as they need it during the year.