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Dream Boards, Oct 4th - 8th

Dream Boards, Oct 4th - 8th

Dear Parents & Families, Our school year is off to a great start! Here at Behlau, we want to help our students learn the importance of setting goals. One activity to support this process is for your child to create a Dream Board to express their goals.

A Dream Board is simply a poster or collage made with pictures and words that identify your child’s hopes and dreams for their future. We will provide the large construction paper for students to create their Dream Boards. Students may want to bring magazine pictures, drawings, photos, Clipart, stickers, scrapbook paper, etc. to add to their Dream Board.

Students will work on their Dream Boards in class the week of October 4th-8th. We will display the boards throughout the school for others to see how we are chasing our dreams here at Behlau. We thank you for supporting your child in his or her effort to “dream big!” We can’t wait to see what big dreams these little ones have!

Sincerely, Behalu Counseling Department Mrs. Garnica & Mrs. Barrett

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