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Young Gentlemen's Organization

Juan Soto/James Locke
Meeting Time/Location
3:15-4:15pm, Wednesday

Vision Statement: Our young gentlemen will be caring, responsible individuals that will make positive, productive contributions to their community.

Mission Statement: To give our young gentlemen the character building education they need to achieve their greatest potential.  

Core Beliefs – The 6 Pillars of Character

  • Trustworthiness

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Fairness

  • Caring

  • Citizenship

Dress Code: the young gentlemen are expected to wear a button down shirt and tie on Wednesdays. 

Guest speakers are invited from the community to meet with our gentlemen during their meetings.  The speakers are encouraged to share their experiences:

  • What or who inspired you to become a (an) ___________?

  • What did it take to become a (an) ________________?

  • Did you ever want to give up?

  • What advice do you have for us so that we may become successful one day?

Lessons are centered around the definition of “Gentleman” and the vocabulary associated with the word… “A civilized, educated, sensitive, or well-mannered man.” The lessons also focus on the vocabulary of the core beliefs. 

Community Service: The gentlemen are given community service slips which include 

-Name / Date

-Act of service completed

-Adult signature

They are encouraged to help others in their school community and home community.  These acts can be simple things such as taking out the trash or helping mom carry in groceries.  At school it may be helping stack chairs at the end of the day or helping sort books in the library.  They turn their slips in at the meeting, the slips are read out loud and those that have turned in slips are entered into a prize drawing. 


Sample Agenda

  • Attention Gentlemen

  • Greet one another - Shake hands, make eye contact

  • Creed (recited out loud by the members) 

    • We are Young Gentlemen

    • As brother we respect each other.

    • We will always do our very best.

    • We are responsible and care about our community.

    • Young Gentlemen have style.

    • We are leaders.

    • We are the Young Gentlemen.

  • Norms

    • Be respectful

    • Give attention to the speaker

    • Pick up after yourself

    • Be polite

    • Be involved

  • Any Celebrations? 

  • Community service Slips

  • Lesson of the day / Guest Speaker

  • Questions or concerns

  • Closing

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