Brennan High School

Off Campus Lunch Application for Juniors and Seniors 2021-2022

Juniors and Seniors wanting to participate in Off Campus Lunch, please note:

- Students must have parent signature on the application (even if you are 18 or older).

- Students must have passing grades, good attendance, and be in good standing (discipline, attendance, financial obligations) to be eligible for off campus lunch privileges.

- All Students must reapply at the beginning of each semester.

- Students must stay on campus for occasional mandatory meetings or other events.

- Students must present a valid Off-Campus I.D. when requesting to leave campus daily.

- Students leaving campus must return in the required time. Excused tardies will not be accepted. Loss of Junior/Senior lunch may occur if the student is tardy from lunch.

- Students with off campus lunch permission will have their ID card appropriately coded so staff will know they are permitted to leave.

- Brennan Administration reserves the right to revoke Off Campus Lunch Privileges due to infractions/circumstances deemed inappropriate including but not limited to reckless driving, behavior, failing grades, poor attendance, excessive tardies, or outstanding fine(s)/obligation(s).

- If a student ID card is lost, the student is responsible for purchasing a new ID and replacement sticker. Processing a new card could take up to two weeks, pending eligibility verification.


A printable application is attached.

Brennan HS Off Campus Lunch Application. All qualification requirements are listed in the announcement.
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