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In an effort to expedite the reporting of student COVID cases we ask that you use the link below to report all COVID-related matters such as a confirmed COVID case, positive test results, COVID exposure, COVID symptoms, and etc. 




Click here 

or visit

Important Reminder

* In addition you need to email all doctor's notes and medical documentation for this case to Brennan's Nurse, Nurse Causey at & Attendance Secretary, Taylor at*

Given the transmissibility of this strain of the virus and the student and staff absenteeism associated with it, we will be returning to a temporary, indoor mask mandate. The members of our Board do not make this decision lightly, but feel that we must use this tool given the current disruption to in-person learning. The mandate is driven by concerns for student and staff safety and is not motivated by the current legal battles on this issue. Masks have been used in health care settings for decades have been shown to reduce viral transmission. Face coverings will be required for all staff, students and visitors in all indoor settings. Masks are not required outdoors. The face covering mandate will go into effect Thursday, January 20 and will only last as long as is necessary to get our community through this current surge in the virus' impact on our schools.

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