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Credit Retrieval & Accelerated Instruction

AM Session: 9:00 - 12:00

PM Session: 12:30 - 3:30





Students will work on coursework not mastered during the school year.

Learning location: In-person Dates:

Session 1 June 8th - June 23rd

Session 2 June 27th - July 13th

Students will attend until all courses are complete.

Students must attend daily.



Review sessions for Summer STAAR Retakes

Learning location: In-person

Dates: June 7th - June 18th

Students will attend one session per test that needs to be taken.

Students can review for a maximum of two tests.

Students are highly encouraged to attend daily.

Summer STAAR Retake Dates:


English 1 - June 21nd

Algebra 1 - June 22nd

English 2 - June 23rd

Biology - June 24th

US History - June 24th



Bus # 329

Pick-up & Dropoff Location AM Pickup Time Midday Drop- off Time PM Drop-off Time
Behlau ES 8:10 AM Front of School 12:40 PM Bus Lane 4:10 PM FOS
Mora ES 8:15 AM Front of School 12:35 PM Bus Loop 4:05 PM FOS
Luna MS 8:20 AM Front of School 12:30 PM Bus Lane 3:55 PM FOS
Galm ES 8:25 AM Front of School 12:25 PM FOS 3:50 PM FOS


Bus # 376

Pick-up & Dropoff Location AM Pickup Time Midday Drop- off Time PM Drop-off Time
Bernal MS Bus Lane 7:50 AM 12:55 PM 4:30 PM
Wenli ES Front of School 8:05 AM 12:35 PM 4:10 PM
Ranch Canyon & Reid 8:10 AM 12:40 PM 4:15 PM
Ranch (Community Park) 8:20 AM 12:25 PM 4:00 PM
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Printable Flyer and Brochure QR
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