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COVID Parent Information

COVID-19 Information for Parents/Guardians 

What are the symptoms of COVID-19? 

● Fever or chills 

● Cough 

● Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 

● Fatigue 

● Muscle or body aches 

● Headache 

● New loss of taste or smell 

● Sore throat 

● Congestion or runny nose

● Nausea or vomiting

● Diarrhea 

What do I do if my child has been exposed to a person with known or suspected COVID-19?

1. Contact your healthcare provider for testing and symptom guidance. 

2. Stay home until 14 days after last exposure as symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure. 3. Monitor for symptoms to include checking temperature twice a day. 

When can my child return to school after testing negative to COVID-19 but had exposure to a person with known or suspected COVID-19? 

1. At least 14 days have passed since the exposure and the child is not having symptoms. 

When can my child return to school after having symptoms of, being diagnosed with, and/or testing positive for COVID-19? 

1. After at least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared, or the date of diagnosis/positive test if the child is asymptomatic. 

2. At least 24 hours have passed since the child had a fever (without fever reducing medications) and the child has had improvement of additional symptoms (cough, etc.). 

What do I do if my child is sent home from school with a fever (100.0 degrees or greater) and/or any other symptoms of COVID-19? 

1. Contact your healthcare provider for guidance. 

2. An individual who has symptoms of COVID-19, and is not evaluated by a medical professional or tested for COVID-19, is assumed to have COVID-19. Therefore, the individual may not return to school until the criteria listed above are met. 

3. If diagnosed with another condition, a healthcare provider’s note will be required for readmittance to school and the child must be fever free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication. 

Helpful links for information on COVID-19: 

CDC Frequently Asked Questions: San Antonio Metro Health District:


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