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Construction Careers Academy Testimonials

2020 CCA Graduate: Natalie Rizo, “The friendships and relationships I created with classmates and business partners of CCA will forever be cherished and valued to the highest extent. My CCA friends are my family and this school will always be my home. Construction Careers Academy has been such a wonderful, essential stepping stone to get me where I want to be in life for my future.”


2020 CCA Graduate: Taylor Shepard, “I would like to say thanks to all my CCA mentors and teachers for shaping me into the person I am today. You have helped ignite the passion within me that I know will take me far in life. The influence CCA had on me won’t stop when I graduate, it will continue to influence who I am tomorrow, the day after that, and hopefully forever.”


2020 CCA Graduate: Joshua Coignet, “CCA is synonymous with discipline in my mind. CCA taught me to endure the pains of failure, the occasional frustrations of group work, and the heat of late May work days that led to the satisfaction of a job well done and lifelong memories. I’ll never forget the skills and mental fortitude I honed here.”


2020 CCA Graduate: Cassidy Otto, “CCA is and always will be a home for me, because it is the place that made me exactly who I am today.”

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