view of Clark High School entrance with flag pole in foreground

Canine Sweeps

The Clark staff is dedicated to your child’s safety.

Clark employs “canine sweeps” (a.k.a. drug dogs) throughout the campus at random times.

The trainer and the dog will come to campus a few times a month. We will not be aware when they are going to arrive.

However, when they show up on campus, an administrator will accompany the trainer and the dog and walk around the parking lot, lockers, and visit random classrooms.

When a classroom is going to be searched, the administrator will ask the teacher and the students to step outside the classroom and the dog will take about 5 minutes to go up and down the rows sniffing purses, backpacks, and coats.

Please be aware the dogs DO NOT search individual students. Thank you for your support as we continue our efforts to keep Clark a safe learning environment.

Thank you,  Administration


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