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Attendance Recovery


NISD has Online Tutoring Services in the evenings AND Attendance Recovery as well. Anyone who receives online tutoring automatically gets their time sent to the campus for AR purposes. The District also has strictly monitored AR rooms where students may work on assignments and earn time that way too. Those hours are reported to our campus weekly.



1. Students need to sign into their NISD Portal.

2. Find and Click on the Homework Hotline Tile

3. Have them fill out the digital form

4. It will take them to a live Chat Agent that will assign them an AR Room if they do not need tutoring OR a tutor if they need assistance with an assignment.

5. The AR Monitors are very strict and all students MUST agree to and follow our rules or they will be released; camera on & facing student, full name displayed, and not operating a motor vehicle.


This is such a great way for students who may not be able to stay after school for various reasons. There is even a Saturday option!


Attendance Recovery Operating Hours:

Monday-Thursday - 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Saturday - 10:00am to 2:00pm


This information will also be shared on Schoology in the Group page.

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