view of Clark High School entrance with flag pole in foreground

Clark FLEX Program

What is FLEX?

FLEX is a 30-minute intervention and enrichment program at Clark, Texas.

Intervention is an opportunity to help students who may be struggling with a concept or who need additional time or support to be successful. Intervention also allows a framework for students who have missed class to get caught up. The main goal of Intervention is to increase student success!

Enrichment is a free time for students to work on a variety of tasks, this is the students time if they are not flagged for Intervention.

FLEX is every Tuesday and Thursday immediately after 2nd period.  

FLEX Goals

Decrease the number of students failing thought the year. Reduce stress levels for students because they have frequent chances to get help from their own teachers outside of their normal class time. Increase the level of enjoyment for students throughout their educational experience. Provide students with choices for enhancing their education.  

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