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School Counselors serve many important functions on a campus. One of these is to teach Guidance lessons. Your child gets to come to a guidance class just like they get to go to the library, the computer lab, PE, music, or art. In a guidance class the counselor focuses issues that the school community have singled out as needing attention, like bullying, stress, Character Education, self-esteem, and being a successful student.


Counselors use the following Four Skill Goals as a guide to address these issues: 


Intrapersonal Relationships

Developing a positive self-concept

Changing a particular behavior

Developing ways to manage the demands of school, social activities, and family

Making positive decisions and taking responsibility for actions

Interpersonal Relationships

Evaluating how prejudices can be harmful

Respecting and appreciating differences

Learning how to effectively communicate with others

Navigating relationships with friends, dating partners, family members, teachers, employers

Post-secondary Planning and Career Readiness

Motivation to achieve in school

Understanding how grades can affect post-secondary choices

Selecting a career or college path

Setting post-graduation goals

Personal Health and Safety

Identifying resilience and positive coping skills

Identifying assertiveness skills for personal protection

Learning how to set personal boundaries

Creating a personal wellness plan


Another purpose counselors serve on a campus is to provide counseling.  Students can come to see the counselor one on one, or students can be part of a counseling group with other children who have a similar concern (i.e. a having a parent who is deployed). Counseling sessions happen during the school day and the sessions are 30 minutes each.

How does a student get to see their counselor for sessions?

  • they can refer themselves by writing the counselor a note
  • a parent can refer their child by writing a note, and e-mail, or calling the counselor to request the sessions
  • a teacher can refer a student by e-mailing the counselor
  • an administrator can refer a student
  • counselor invitation

Parent permission is required and a permission slip will be sent home with your child.

Kelso's Choices-"Kelso's Choices" is a comprehensive conflict resolution program that enables students to make responsible choices in their everyday lives.


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