NISD Bond 2022

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School Bond 2022 Election Results

  • NISD 2022 Bond Election Results:  Bond Passed
  • Total number of votes cast:  34,474
  • Total number of votes cast for or against Northside ISD Proposition A:  For: 19,752    Against: 14,722
  • Total number of votes cast by personal appearance on election day:  9,443
  • Total number of votes cast by personal appearance or mail during the early voting period:  25,031
  • Total number of counted and uncounted provisional ballots cast:  Counted: 4    Rejected:

The NISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously (7-0) to place a $992 million bond issue on the May 7 ballot.

The proposed bond, despite being the District’s largest, would have no associated tax rate increase.

The majority of the monies requested would go to improve existing schools with only one new elementary school in the proposal.  More than half of NISD’s schools are over 20 years old, the oldest nearly 70 years old.

The call for the Bond election follows an extensive study and consideration by the 250-member District-wide Citizens’ Bond Committee.  The committee, composed of parents, senior citizens, students, business representatives, taxpayers, teachers, and other staff, met for several weeks in the fall to discuss the needs of the district as well as initiatives to improve NISD’s aging schools. The Committee endorsed the recommendation to call for an election. 

In addition to addressing aging schools and infrastructure, other highlights of the bond include enhancing career & technical education programs, expanding middle school magnet opportunities, and improving technology and safety & security across the District.

The major elements of the proposal are:

New Schools         

$ 45,000,000






$ 37,100,000

Safety & Security

$ 18,100,000


$ 14,000,000


$ 15,000,000

Bond Issuance & Management






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April 25 - May 3, 2022


Saturday, May 7, 2022


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