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Potential Projects Summary - Bond Program Planning 2022

Board Approved January 25, 2022


"Village at WestPointe West area" ES (2024 - 2025) $45,000,000

Total - New Schools


1 Sul Ross MS - Athletics Replacement $24,900,000
2 Clark HS - Fine Arts Replacement $56,900,000
3 Glenoaks ES - Cafeteria/Platform/Gym Replacement $15,900,000
4 Powell ES - Admin. Suite/Classrooms/Library Replacement $21,300,000
5 Westwood Terrace ES - Cafeteria/Platform/Gym Replacement $17,500,000
6 Colby Glass ES - Classrooms Replacement $32,900,000
7 Valley Hi ES - Classrooms Replacement $27,000,000
8 Mary Hull ES - Classrooms Replacement $31,500,000
9 Esparza ES - Cafeteria/Platform/Gym Replacement $18,000,000
10 Colonies North ES - Cafeteria/Gym/Classrooms Replacement $15,300,000
11 Cable ES - Admin. Suite/Classrooms Replacement $21,800,000
12 Meadow Village ES - Cafeteria/Platform/Gym/Classrooms Replacement $25,200,000
13 Rayburn MS - Admin. Suite Replacement $14,400,000
14 Pat Neff MS - Athletics & CTE Replacement $30,000,000
15 Marshall HS - Admin. Suite/Classrooms Replacement $30,000,000
16 Holmes HS - Cafeteria/Kitchen/Athletics Replacement $56,900,000
17 O'Connor HS - Agri-Science Upgrades $19,100,000
18 Jay HS - New SEA/ROTC/CTE/Parking $55,800,000
19 Stevens HS - CAST TEACH Upgrades $17,600,000
20 Hobby MS - New Magnet Upgrades $24,800,000
21 Stinson MS - New Magnet/ALE Upgrades $19,900,000
22 Jordan MS - New Magnet Upgrades $17,400,000
23 Knowlton ES - ALE Upgrades $3,000,000
24 HS & MS Athletics/PE Locker/Flooring Upgrades (3 sites) $4,500,000
25 Stevens HS, Brandeis HS and Connally MS  
26 New PE ES Sensory Play Area (81 sites) $6,800,000
27 District-Wide Library Modernization Package $8,000,000
28 HS Fume Hood Replacements (4 sites) $5,400,000
  O'Connor HS, Taft HS, Warren HS and Stevens HS  
29 New District Baseball/Softball adjacent Sotomayor HS $23,700,000
Sub Total - Renovations/Reconstructions/Upgrades $645,500,000


Mechanical Upgrades  
  Chiller Replacements (12 sites)


  Marshall HS, Myers ES, Connally MS, Burke ES, O'Connor HS, Central Office, Cody ES, Anson Jones MS, Warren HS, Linton ES, Raba ES and Zachry MS
  Air Handler Replacements (14 sites)


  Marshall HS, Nellie Reddix Center, Locke Hill ES, Leon Valley ES, Clark HS, Central Office, May ES, Myers ES, Steubing ES, Linton ES, Cody ES, Holmes HS, Holmgreen Center and Taft HS
  Multi-Zone/Unit Vent. Replacements (10 sites)


  Taft HS, Linton ES, Leon Valley ES, Allen ES, Jay HS, May ES, Myers ES, Steubing ES, Cody ES and Braun Station ES
  Roof Top Unit Replacements (5 sites)


  Pat Neff MS, Central Office, Hobby MS, Risk Management and Support Services
Boiler Replacements (24 sites)


Valley Hi ES, Jay HS, Taft HS, Steubing ES, Colonies North ES, Holmgreen Center, Boone ES, Leon Springs ES, Fernandez ES, Carlos Coon ES, Rudder MS, Central Office, Scobee ES, Brauchle ES, Adams Hill ES, Galm ES, Stinson MS, Evers ES, Carson ES, Nellie Reddix Center, Connally MS, McDermott ES, Allen ES and Paul Taylor Field House
Energy Control Upgrades (11sites)


Pat Neff MS, Rawlinson MS, Connally MS, Rayburn MS, Raba ES, Rhodes ES, Hobby MS, Ross MS, O'Connor HS, Central Office and Helotes ES
Electrical Upgrades (6 sites)


Family Engagement Center, Alternative North MS, Pease MS, Locke Hill ES, Rudder MS and Alternative HS
Lighting Upgrades (19 sites)


Child Nutrition, Taft HS, Sul Ross MS, Family Engagement Center, Carlos Coon ES, Knowlton ES, Northwest Crossing ES, Zachry MS, Grissom Annex, Allen ES, Pease MS, Brauchle ES, Elrod ES, Aue ES, Jordan MS, Evers ES, Michael ES, Raba ES and Hatchett ES
Paving/Drainage Upgrades (18 sites)


Alternative North MS, Colby Glass ES, Knowlton ES, Myers ES, Northwest Crossing ES, Rudder MS, Stevenson MS, Holmgreen Center, Marshall HS, Warren HS, Howsman ES, Brauchle ES, Thornton ES, Villarreal ES, Driggers ES, Stevens HS, Brennan HS and Vale MS
Tennis Court Upgrades (13 sites)


Annemarie Tennis Center, Northside Tennis Center, Rawlinson MS, Pease MS, Garcia MS, Briscoe MS, Rudder MS, Hobby MS, Jones MS, Brennan HS, Jay HS, Clark HS and O'Connor HS
Flooring Replacements (6 sites)


Locke Hill ES, Leon Valley ES, McDermott ES, Marshall HS, Oak Hills Terrace ES and Michael ES
Sub Total: Infrastructure $207,300,000


Replacement/Waterproofing (22 sites) $37,100,000
Braun Station ES, Allen ES, Raba ES, Mary Hull ES, Central Office, Pease MS, Beard ES, Lewis ES, Linton ES, Boone ES, Cable ES, Ward ES, Meadow Village ES, Communications Arts HS, Cody ES, Warren HS, Hobby MS, Neff MS, Rawlinson MS, Blattman ES, Evers ES and Teicher Building  
Sub Total $37,100,000
Fire Alarm System Replacements (11 sites) $5,400,000
Forester ES, Hoffmann ES, Mead ES, Oak Hills Terrace ES, Wanke ES, Nellie Reddix Center, Colonies North ES, Leon Valley ES, Ott ES, Brandeis HS and Support Services  
Door Hardware Replacements (9 sites) $1,000,000
Evers ES, Leon Springs ES, Glenoaks ES, Colonies North ES, Brauchle ES, Nellie Reddix Center, Blattman ES, Howsman ES and Fernandez ES  
Surveillance Camera Replacements (Various sites) $6,700,000
Video Server Upgrades (Data Centers) $2,300,000
Access Control Upgrades (19 sites) $2,700,000
Alternative North MS, Family Engagement Center, Connally MS, Folks MS, Garcia MS, Jefferson MS, Stinson MS, Brandeis HS, Brennan HS, Holmes HS, Jay HS, Marshall HS, Nellie Reddix Center, Stevens HS, Taft HS, Culebra Transportation, McClung Transportation, North Transportation and Rhodes Transportation  
Sub Total $18,100,000
Data Center Equipment Upgrades - Core Switches, Internet Router $3,500,000
Network Security Upgrades - Internet Filter, Firewalls $1,700,000
Telephone Upgrades $800,000
Wireless Network Upgrades - Replace AP's/EOL $1,000,000
Structured Cabling Upgrades $7,000,000
Sub Total $14,000,000
Buses & Multi-use vehicles $15,000,000
Sub Total $15,000,000
Total $982,000,000
Bond Management
Sub Total $10,000,000