The Jacob F. Elizondo Memorial Scholarship

The Jacob Favian Elizondo Story

Jacob grew up here in San Antonio, but he was raised to understand and respect his Hawaiian culture of Aloha, and he loved his Ohana deeply. Ohana in Hawaiian means "Family". He often traveled back to Hawaii twice a year to see family and friends.

Jacob was very goal oriented and never stopped living life to the fullest while attending the Business Careers High School where he graduated in 2003.

He was a strong believer that kid's should always further their education, no matter what road you choose to achieve that dream, and he believed that education should never be limited to your social or economic situation, or pre-determined because of where you are from.

He believed that education was important, because knowledge empowers individuals to make better decisions. He strongly believed that knowledge could be achieved through various paths in education, whether it's from a university, a private college, a community college, or even a trade school. Each of those educational journeys were worthy of taking.

In 2012, nine years after graduating high school, Jacob was diagnosed with Colon cancer. In December 2014, Jacob refused to let that stand in his way, and he achieved his dream of graduating from the University of Texas San Antonio with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration & Real Estate Finance and Development.

The 1st Annual Jacob Favian Elizondo Scholarship

In partnership with NISD Scholarship Foundation, the family will be giving out two scholarships in the 2019/2020 school year.

Jacob Favian Elizondo passed away on the 8th of April, 2019. To commemorate Jacobs passion for Educational Excellence, the family will be presenting the Jacob Favian Elizondo Memorial Scholarship to one NSITE student and one NISD student.

For more information please email:

Scholarship Guidelines

Eligibility to Participate

  • Applicant must be a student at NSITE, formerly Business Careers and 1 from NISD
  • Must be graduating the current school year

Amount of Scholarship

  • $500 will be awarded to two students: 1 from NSITE High School and 1 from Northside School District
  • The scholarship shall be forfeited if the student fails to enroll in an accredited college by the fall semester of the granted scholarship year and it shall be returned to the Jacob F. Elizondo Memorial Scholarship

Academic Requirements

  • Applicant must meet admission requirements of the college or university
  • Applicant must register as a full-time student
  • Scholarship is for undergraduate course of studies or certification
  • It may also be used to attend a trade school

Application Procedures

  • The scholarship applicant should:
    • Fill out paper application
    • 2 letters of references
    • High school transcript
    • Photo of applicant
  • Application must be completely filled out

Basis of Selection

  • Financial need
  • Leadership
  • Volunteering/Community Service
  • Well rounded student
  • Essay answers

Method of Selection

Selection will be made by the family and friends of the Jacob F. Elizondo Memorial Scholarship

  • Notification will be sent by email to applicants
  • Scholarship monies will be sent directly to the recipient's choice of college, prior to the first semester or classes

Deadline Dates

Application will be available 7th January 2020, and every 7th January in the years to follow