A Focus on Literacy: Reading and Writing

Connally Middle School has one of the top Writing programs in the district, city, and state. Our students have consecutively outperformed the state average year after year on the Writing state assessment. Connally educators collaborate across the disciplines to develop skills in academic reading and writing.

English Language Arts Courses offered at Connally Middle School

  • 6th ELA
  • 6th Pre-AP ELA
  • 6th GT ELA
  • 7th ELA
  • 7th Pre-AP ELA
  • 7th GT ELA
  • 8th ELA
  • 8th ELA
  • 8th GT ELA


Melissa Estrada melissa.estrada@nisd.net
Deborah Guidry Deborah.Guidry@nisd.net
Michaela Harlow michaela.harlow@nisd.net
Michelle Montes michelle.montes@nisd.net
Deja Pegues deja.pegues@nisd.net
Sandra Pettit sandra.pettit@nisd.net
Michael Torres michael.torres@nisd.net
Donald Wagner (Collab Teacher) donald.wagner@nisd.net
Christine Wohlers christine.wohlers@nisd.net



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