Woods' Weekly

Dr. Woods working with student

Woods' Weekly is written by Superintendent Brian T. Woods and is sent to Northside ISD staff every Monday to keep them updated on local and state education issues.

Good morning! In the weekend before last, the state high school bowling competition was held in San Antonio. As usual, NISD athletes shined. For girl’s individual competition, the top 40 athletes in the state competed and then were cut to the top 16.  The following all finished in the top 16 in the state:

  • Frances Davila - Health Careers
  • Natalie Savant - Brandeis
  • Desiree Buchert - Taft
  • Jacqueline Rangel - Brandeis

In team competition, the Warren HS girls’ team advanced to the top 10 in the state. Congratulations! 

Thanks to Cassandra Miranda and the Partnerships team for a wonderful recognition of our partners of the year and several individuals and groups of employees who have truly gone above and beyond the call of duty in the last year. From teachers to custodians, Child Nutrition employees, our Transportation Department, police officers, Academic Technology and our C&I group we were able to thank a lot of deserving folks. What a wonderful ceremony. Thanks to all who were involved!

I’ve written in this space before that privately run charter schools are becoming large districts. In fact, there are seven charter groups that have 43% of all charter enrollment in the state. Five of those seven operate in San Antonio. However, the research of Bill Gumbert finds that these schools run very differently that the rest of the public schools in the state. For instance, among these seven charters they spend, on average, $926 less per student per year on student instruction and instructional resources. Where does the money go you ask? It goes to general administration and school leadership. These seven charters spend $876 more per student per year on administration than the average of public schools. For context, NISD spends far less than the average public school on administration. 

Further, these same seven charters have much higher than average teacher turnover, educate fewer students with disabilities or who are limited English proficient and have much higher student to teacher ratios. And yet, we call all of us public schools. Which of these is really serving the full public and serving it in the best interest of all students?

Last Wednesday, the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center issued a critical call for blood in the San Antonio area. As our community continues to return to full operation the need/demand for blood continues to increase. Across the state blood banks are struggling to secure enough donors to match the demand. I encourage you to give an hour this week by scheduling an appointment at one of the drives on our student/staff holiday this Friday. An appointment may be scheduled at this link: https://biobridgeglobal.org/donors/blood-donation/nisd-community-drives/ 

We all benefit now and again from a reminder about our ‘why.’ For everyone who works in Northside, regardless of your role, your why is informed by improving the lives of the students we serve. For many of our students, if not for our efforts, their dream to be the best possible version of themselves is not achievable. You are in the business of literally making dreams come true.

Have a great week and be well!


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