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Gifted and Talented Program

NISD Gifted and Talented Program

Our Mission

The mission of the GT department in Northside ISD is to build a challenging learning environment that encourages life-long learning, nurtures high self-esteem, expands access to higher education, and provides experiences that enable students to reach their fullest potential as independent thinkers.  The Northside Independent School District and our community will provide innovative, high-quality, diverse learning experiences for all students in an ever-changing world.


Philosophy of Gifted/Enrichment Program Northside Independent School District provides instructional opportunities and various services designed to meet the unique needs of students with significantly advanced general intellectual ability and/or specific subject matter aptitude in language arts, science, social studies and/or mathematics. These programs provide an appropriately differentiated curriculum in an effort to help students work to their fullest potential. GT program services may include a modified delivery of instruction for students by accelerating and/or providing for greater depth, more complex content, and enrichment activities. Specific GT program services are available in kindergarten-12th grades. GT program teachers serving identified GT students have met the state requirements necessary for the teaching assignment.

(ALPHA Advanced Learning Program for High Achievers) is the name of the gifted/talented program in the Northside Independent School District. It is based upon the work of Dr. Joseph Renzulli's concept of "giftedness," which addresses the student's intellectual ability, creativity, and task commitment. Northside Independent School District (Northside ISD) recognizes that all students are entitled to a program of educational experiences which provide opportunities to maximize the development of their capabilities.

Gifted/Enrichment Program Goals To provide an enrichment program to stimulate the talents of gifted students; To guide students to develop a healthy self-concept and to acquire complex skills for collaborative conflict resolution and teamwork. To implement the principles of divergent thinking and foster the higher order thinking skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation; To promote creative problem solving for real world issues;  To provide   opportunities   for self-directed   learning   and   assessment;    To arrange experiences which promote the ongoing development of task commitment; To encourage an attitude of responsibility and service to others; To promote a global perspective and a respect for cultural differences and similarities; To provide an atmosphere in which students can interact with their intellectual peers and with outstanding adults; To assist students in making career choices which help them in becoming productive, well-rounded citizens; to think not only of what is, but also of what might be

 NISD Gifted & Talented Programs and Advanced Academics

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