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What is the Meal Viewer?

Parents/Student Health Tools

At MealViewer the goal is to do one thing: empower individuals to view meals. For us, that means providing a platform that helps you get the right information in the hands of parents and students.

We help by allowing parents/students to tailor their experience with user profiles. Allergen information is accessible with an exclusive notification system. Moreover, our innovative nutrition calculator provides critical nutrition information for every meal that is served in the cafeteria. With MealViewer, parents and students can take control of their dietary health.

We’ve made it easier for you to view your student’s school menus! NISD parents will now be able to view school menus with MealViewer:

  • View what is being served each day
  • View the nutritional information for each meal
  • See if any specific allergens are being served
  • Get notified when your student’s favorite meal is being served


MealViewer is a platform that allows parents the opportunity to view daily menus, nutritional information and allergens so that they are aware of what their students are eating.

Click here to View Daily Menus

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