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**Technology Lending Agreement** Device REQUEST

Technology Lending Agreement

In preparation for the district to go 1:1, Northside ISD has implemented the NISD Student Technology Device Lending Agreement. This agreement will replace the device request form linked on your campus website.


Moving forward, all parents/guardians who wish for their students to receive a Northside device (Chromebook, iPad, laptop, or Mifi) will need to complete the Northside ISD Student Technology Device Lending Agreement for each of their students on their respective campus websites.


Any device checkouts (including Mifi’s) to students will require the Northside ISD Student Technology Device Lending Agreement to be signed by a parent or guardian before a device can be issued to the student.


Evers will be getting our devices delivered 12/10/2020, we will issue our as soon as we receive the devices. 


Link to Evers Form 



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