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Bulldog Fit Club

Coach Torres
Meeting Time/Location
Sept. 24 - Nov. 19 Gym - Tuesdays

Today obesity is plaguing our communities and our youth are not exempt from the startling statistics.  Daily activities such as walking to school, physical education classes, after school activities, chores and general playing have been replaced with sedentary lifestyles in front of the TV and computer.  Our kids are developing unhealthy eating habits! As parents and teachers, it is important for us to teach our kids to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Coach Torres and Coach V - Little Heroes Kids Fit Initiative is San Antonio’s premier program that is tackling the statistics head-on. Little Heroes' mission is to ensure that youth are aware of their strength, endurance and flexibility by utilizing modern techniques and exercise programs.  When youth learn fundamental movements and begin to understand how their bodies function all while having fun, adopting a healthier will be easier than what it appeared.

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