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What to Expect in Your Students Grade Level

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Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! We are so excited to be part of your community and serve Randall H. Fields Elementary School. 




We strive to build a reputation of excellence, grounded in quality instruction and a positive atmosphere that nurtures curiosity and creativity. We value a strong partnership between home and school, and enjoy meeting our families and working together to support the students! Please know that we consider it a privilege to serve your children, as well as a responsibility that we do not take lightly. Here you will find information regarding your student's grade level and what they do in them, respectively. 

Grade Level

Kindergarten at Fields Elementary is a wonderful experience! Our Kinder Teachers work together to create fun, engaging, and hands-on lessons that foster collaboration and social interaction amongst our young Falcons! In Kindergarten your child will learn their letters, letter sounds, sight words, and how to read and write. Your child will also learn to count to 100, be able to add and subtract within 10 and identify numbers 0 to 20! A day in Kindergarten is heavily set in routine and structure, allowing for the perfect environment your child needs to grow in confidence and independence! Making friends, learning to read, and our own playground, Kindergarten at Fields is the place to be!

Picture of the kinder Team

Welcome! In first grade, we strive to promote independence for our young learners and aim to build a strong foundation in academics and social-emotional learning. Essential to first grade is the development of early reading and writing skills, from understanding the basic components of print to reading and responding to stories. In math, students will demonstrate knowledge of numbers from zero to 120 as well as the principles of basic addition and subtraction. We continue to incorporate hands-on learning activities and build upon skills mastered in Kinder. We love to have fun with our students and hope to instill a love of learning.  

Welcome to 2nd grade! Our goals are to encourage and support responsible and independent learners. We use a growth mindset and Social-Emotional Learning models. We learn phonics and comprehension strategies to build reading fluently to a level M. We write many different genre types and learn grammar skills. We practice number operations up to 1,200. We learn and explore the world around us in science and social studies. We complete fun, interactive projects and build a love of learning.

Picture of the 2nd grade team

Welcome to 3rd grade! Third grade is an exciting time. There is quite a leap between second-grade and third-grade curriculum and expectations. Your child will be challenged to go beyond base-level learning and to apply their learning in various ways. We dive deeper in Reading from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’. The focus becomes comprehension and meaningfully using the text. In Writing, students take on the role of the author of the various genres we study in Reading. In Math, we dive into multiplication and division as well as fractions, geometry, place value, and addition and subtraction. Science and Social Studies are integrated and taught daily. The expectations for work quality and behavior are high here in 3rd grade at Fields, but we always make time to have fun and fall in love with learning.

Picture of the 3rd Grade Team

Welcome 4th-grade families! Your little Falcon has left the nest and has flown upstairs! Along with this journey comes greater responsibility, independence, and freedoms. There will also be more opportunities for extracurricular activities such as choir, Solar Cars, Young Astronauts, Patrols, Student Council, and Robotics to name a few. We are looking forward to an exciting school year as we get to know you and your child.

Welcome to 5th grade! 5th grade is a wonderful and interesting time in elementary education because your child is now the "BIG kid" and role model for the school, but they are also one step away from leaving the nest and moving on to bigger adventures as middle schoolers. 5th grade is the new 6th grade. We will build on everything they learned in K-4 and kick it up a notch or two so they enter middle school ready to go from day 1. This is also the time when developing good habits, learning to be self-motivated, and taking more personal responsibility for their own learning and academic performance occurs. Academically, there is more of an emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking. For example, we work with more nonfiction texts, science vocabulary, experiments, annotating and responding to readings, and so forth. But, it is not all work, work, work. We also use a variety of methods and instructional strategies from hands-on activities to technology to group work to experimentation to student choice to keep learning fun and engaging. 5th grade is the gateway to middle school, high school, college, and life, and we the 5th-grade teachers of Fields are happy to be your child's gatekeeper and guide.

Picture of the 5th Grade Team
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